Nine more cases of COVID-19 in Oak Park, IL

The village has nine more cases of COVID-19 bumping the total above 200 people, for a little village like this it is a lot of people. Although the article does mention the victims are people in their 30’s and 40’s it does not mention possible areas where they may have gotten this virus. Such as a park or a grocery store, such data can help the rest of us, and the organizations linked to the ground zero of their infections to properly work with this issue.

Plus, with four thousand extra cases being reported just recently, and people itching to open up businesses, we need all the data we can get. Especially for me, and other introverts that want to keep our mental states together and stay healthy. Hopefully, the other idiots who need exercise and to show how committed they are to their regime and will use this data to take the necessary precautions as well.

This is the article regarding the nine cases of COVID-19 in Oak Park, IL :


Confusing parking Signs “A letter to the editor”

I recently read a “letter to the editor” on about the confusing parking signs and I found it hilarious. The author, I hope is being sarcastic, is hoping that the new parking signs will encourage more walking and more bike lanes. The reality is that more walking is not in the cards for tourists and visitors who come to Oak Park, IL with major dollars to spend. They are trying that crap in downtown Chicago, but there are a couple of differences between the Oak Park, IL’s downtown and Chicago’s downtown.

There is a huge population in Chicago that pays tons of freaking taxes that subside bike lanes that Oak Park, IL does not have, obviously if the author of this article is being true to themselves then they like to pay MORE taxes (property, etc.). Second the layout of Chicago is massive compared to the compact area Oak Park, IL encompasses the bike lanes with hinder travel even more than it already is. Imagine local businesses trying to get deliveries, or how about regular people like you and me getting regular packages with more bike lanes taking up those parking spots?

The reality is that the parking signs are a mess and the spots available for parking for EVERYONE, needs adjustment or realignment. Major businesses that are invested in Oak Park, IL are going to wonder if their customers will have enough parking for the upcoming holiday season as they battle Amazon and other online retailers these businesses will want the make their brick and mortar stores even more attractive not less, because of less parking places.

That is something most residents do not understand, if they want there “haven” in Oak Park, Il to remain that way, nowadays they need to do. For the future Oak Park, Il needs to build and restructure its infrastructure not eliminate it. That revenue made from parking passes, village stickers, etc., with new bike lanes and more “walking” means that the village board will need to sell more properties to development companies to build an Albion development just to offset the money lost with the elimination of those tax dollars.

Yes, lets eliminate parking spaces altogether and see the chaos unfold.


Here is the article/letter to the editor that made me laugh so much: