Oak Park, IL blog related: Despite setbacks Chicago hip-hop musician continues to make his mark

Despite setbacks Chicago hip-hop musician continues to make his mark

This article was posted on my Google Plus awhile back and it is about a fabulous musician know as B-Vax or Brian Vaxter, he is funny as hell and does a lot mixes back in the day with old 70’s music that you can really enjoy. He does tons of events around the city and suburbs you can even check him out in person.

Please read the short article and follow him on Google Plus!

Happy Thanksgiving from Oak Park, IL

Instead of bitching how punk ass the residents of Oak Park, Il are, I decided to instead post something about Thanksgiving, more specifically the History of Thanksgiving as presented by History.com. I love history any history and around this time before the big day we are “forced” to spend with friends and family, we should know a bit why this holiday was created and its origins.

I have a lot to be thankful for especially when you compare our lives to the less fortunate, however I do not think that is the viewpoints here in Oak Park, IL. Therefore, that is why I am concentrating upon the meaning of Thanksgiving to take solace in Native Americans (as told by popular belief) helping the early pilgrims survive that first autumn here in America.

Here is the link I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving no matter who’s house you have to go to, what you are “forced” to eat and no matter who shows up to annoy the hell out of you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s the link:


Proof that People in Oak Park, IL are full of themselves, assholes.

I read this article while google searching “who in the hell is stupid to love Oak Park, IL” and man did I laugh hard! Holy Shit! I had no idea the people here in Oak Park, IL are this full of shit! If someone stated that they read this article and if I knew the author or do I live in Oak Park, IL I would run the other way. Seriously.

Don’t get me wrong the author does mention some of the reasons that many people have left, like high taxes, the problems with congestion, and the various issues with parking and states that they emphasize with those who hate Oak Park because of it. But then focuses the majority of the article upon those who hate Oak Park, IL because of the betterment it represents and feel “guilty”… say what? LOL The author states “that many talked integration…” and then “walked it..” like him, (I hear amazing grace in my head right now) I glad he states that “be smug and self-righteous about our decision to live here…” Furthermore, that many of the residents are in Oak Park, Il because of shared values of integration and diversity and they are proud of it and of course there are haters to this stance.

Now, these were pieces of the article I laughed my ass off, because the majority of residents look at minorities like they do not belong in Oak Park, Il if they are in Oak Park, Il it is because of some housing mandate that guarantees that illusion but nothing more. I think this author forgets the old adage that “pride comes before the fall…” because this pride does not translate into action, it translates into the ignorance that we see every day in Oak Park, Il. I do not see people engaging minorities or being basically nice to anyone, just a sense of entitlement that is fluffed up by this pride that they helped those poor black kids.

No, hating Oak Park, IL is not feeling guilty because one is not a part of this self-delusional group that they are morally right over everyone else, the hate is about the high taxes, f-ed up traffic, crazy parking rules and costs, and upon that dealing with idiots who think it is alright to be pretentious because they helped out the unfortunate. No that is not hating what it is, is just recognizing silliness and the hypocrites around it and denying it every day of the week. If that is being “guilty” then that is what I am PROUD to be, because I feel that Oak Park, IL is full of shit and reeks of it, do not pee on me and say its raining.

Here is the hilarious article in question: http://www.oakpark.com/News/Articles/8-9-2011/Not-everyone-loves-Oak-Park/

Oak Park, IL related video: Hot Girl Throws Dog Poop At Owner For Not Cleaning It Up

This is another video regarding irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up their dog’s poop and those who approach these individual owners. I hope you either get a laugh or a chance to see another point of view. I just want to explain how this is related: in Oak Park, Il there is a serious epidemic of irresponsible dog owners who just let their poop and their owners just do not pick up after their animals. Enjoy.

Google Plus group called Oak park, Il sucks now active!

Oh I remember telling everyone that I was on blogger.com after starting on wordpress.com, meaning I am on google + then I am also on tumblr and just around a week ago on twitter.com but I have been playing around with the options on google + ad made my own group.

That group is called Oak Park Il sucks, yup you read that right. I felt that since Oak park, Il is not a place of puppy dogs, flowers always blooming and sunshine, that we the people who grasp the reality of what Oak Park, Il really is, need a place to vent (bitch), moan, complain, about Oak Park, IL.

I thought those who own property here, live in their own or rent property here, or maybe you moved away, or grew up here and never want to come back (smart!) this is the place for you especially if you may have some realism and hostility in your heart regarding Oak Park, IL. This group is where you can just spew all that out, just like in the comment section(s) of my blogs.

Just join, comment do whatever, just curse the shit out of Oak Park, IL you are definitely not alone, think of it as cheap ass therapy.

Oak Park, IL and its dog poop

Dear diary, today was a banner day, why? Oh because I almost stepped in dog poop today! I am so glad that responsible dog owners clean up after their dogs when they poop human sized turds on the sidewalk. No, the poop was not in the public lawn, on the side of the building. No, it was not picked up with the bags provided for free on the side of the building, by a responsible dog owner. Just left there, for people to step in, and it looks like someone did! Ha!

Listen in Lakeview this is a “no no” amongst the people who live there because they know that leaving dog poop in the middle of the sidewalk like that entices rats and other vermin who like to eat dog poop. Also in Lakeview the sidewalks are narrow very much like Oak Park, IL however there is a lot more space in Oak Park, IL huge lawns and such, for dogs to walk and do their number ones and twos. So why is there poop in the middle of the sidewalk? Why did the owner leave it there? Where the hell is my building management to wash it off the sidewalk (LOL)?

Sorry the building management is useless, but I wish that people would regard their responsibility of owning a dog a little bit more seriously, dogs are like small children they need to be nurtured and taught. If this is how this particular owner is training their dog, I hate to smell how their home smells or see what it looks like. I have walked by some of the apartments in my building through the courtyard and with the windows open I could tell who owns a dog or not because I can smell it more than five feet away.

This type of behavior would have never happened or occur in my household when I was growing up. While owning multiple dogs, things in our house were clean and my pets lived past their life expectancy because we took care of them, their hygiene, as well as our own… No excuses!! Now, I just wonder how many other former dog owners, “non-animal” people or even current dog owners have seen this in Oak Park, IL and have had the same thoughts or shook their heads in disgust? Or maybe they let out a barrage of curse words as they stepped into a pile of dog crap in the little of the sidewalk?