Romanticizing Oak Park, IL

Okay someone gets it. The thing about Oak Park, IL is that it’s always romanticizes the past like it was this great thing. In the article “Don’t romanticize Farmers Market” the writer’s opinion is that Framers Market is not the picture perfect old timey event everyone believes it to be. The article is straight to the point. The point that Oak Park, IL pushes this image that things were so great back in the day and that for “50 years” the village has been this entity that has been accepting everyone no matter how they are different. Total bullshit.

Even now the village is having problems that are similar to 50 or even 60 years ago. As we see a rebirth of racist attitudes in the village instead of ignoring it, inside of glossing over as the article states about the Farmer’s Market. A lot of Oak Park, IL likes to harken back to a “simpler time”… but what is that simpler time consists of? Minorities in their place, only able to rent but not own a place in Oak Park? Where we do not celebrate equality for even the LGBTQ community? Going back and reminiscing that the past was “great” without understanding or remembering the bad that went with that past is just folly.

The point is do not use the past in the present and ignore all the crap that the past contains. But in Oak Park, IL the village likes to ignore that point and carry on.

This is the article that has the opinion of Farmer’s Market:’t-romanticize-Farmers-Market/