Oak Park, IL is filled with crazies!

Oak Park, IL is like having parents in your business telling you what to do and where to park when you are like 45 or 50! Nowhere else I have lived around the city or in the suburbs has been this disruptive, it is actually so peaceful elsewhere.

Some of these crazy residents seem to like to lord over on others and show, nay, flaunt their superiority over others. These “superior” beings cannot wait to tell the world how they went or are going wrong. To me, all these fucks should just go tend their Bee factory or botanical converse and leave the rest of us sensible human being be.

There is enough craziness going on out in the world without the psychotic residents of Oak Park, Il just needlessly coming up to complete strangers and adding their two cents or demanding some type of action from. Basically, they should just learn their manners and just fuck off.