HP note book piece of crap erased my Oak Park, IL blog posts

Part of the problem with writing or doing anything online is having a dependable device to do so. I have to admit I stumbled a bit in my last couple of purchases not being a huge tech person I bought a 3 in 1 desktop and a hp notebook to do my main stuff on. I thought buying these with Windows 10 already on them I would be able to phase out my old windows 7 desktop with no problem. I was totally wrong.

I wrote at least 30 plus posts in my windows 10 Hewlett Packard notebook and lost them due to some shitty windows 10 update. This windows 10 update basically needed to have 1 gb more space that the notebook had to offer. Being a notebook, I did not think that I would need a lot of space. But the windows 10 update one started made the notebook inoperable I could not save anything or open any of the programs on the notebook at all.

This goes back to the 30 posts I wrote on the damn thing all of those posts lost… it was heartbreaking and hard as hell to come back from. As a result of This incident i opened up multiple free storage accounts online and transferred all the stuff I did had to external storage (physical). Never again would I buy a hp notebook.

The argument could be made for a Mac if my iPad did freeze and become unusable during this same time. It is as if you are damned if you do damned if you don’t. I added pictures of the piece of shit hp notebook so you can see the model number, etc. And do not make the same mistake I did with this fucking piece of shit.