Updated Oak Park, IL blog picture collections on Google Plus

So I posted a couple of pictures from my visit to my old stomping grounds, I had to take the pictures in the go. Tons of addicts, and people who were looking at me like I was crazy for trying to take a picture of some of the buildings in the area. I posted it in its own collection for these pictures on google plus here: I also took some pictures of oak park, Il and placed them in the various pictures of oak park, Il for your viewing pleasure. Here is the links to the collections.

Trip to Lakeview and the surrounding area:


More to Oak Park, IL:


Oak Park International Film Festival on the 17th in Oak Park, IL

Oh shit, we have tons of kids and filmmakers coming into the area on September 17th!  The Oak Park International Film Festival is happening on that Saturday starting from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Oak Park Public Library and the entrance fee is zip (free). So the area is going to be filled with pedestrians, bikes and cars this is just a heads up in case you did not know and planned to be in the area at that time. Oak Park, Il is great for not promoting such events instead letting people try their damnedest to navigate through such traffic nightmares as this is going to be.

If you are interested in going or just want to avoid the mess this article has more information about the Oak Park International Film Festival:



Ernest Hemingway House and Museum Pictures

Well, I finally got the time to put all the photos I have from my trip to the Ernest Hemingway House and Museum shared onto my google plus account. This is the addy if you want non-Herb Ritts type (regular) amateur type photos from you own usage:

—> https://goo.gl/photos/gi4GPgAWY4VusGnc7



It is about 141 photos I tried to take as many as I could and stay with the guide who ran us through the place. I was using a combination of an old digital camera that wanted to work when it wanted and a cell phone camera. The latter I believe we all know does not give the best quality pictures for anything but a quick glance. I saved them to my google plus in a public folder for viewing so click and share away  mofos!

Do not worry, I will be back bitching about Oak Park, IL soon enough.