What about John Lloyd Wright, Oak Park, IL?

Did you know that the toy “Lincoln logs” was created by the second son of Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lloyd Wright? This toy was introduced into the National Toy hall of Fame in 1999, and yeah this fool got famous off it and money was made. However, there is no mention of this guy, when he was in fact born in Oak Park, Il and created a really famous product but since he wasn’t a scumbag like his father or jerk like Hemingway he does not get noticed.

You have to give it to the guy for trying to work with his father the guy who although was a famous architect but was a jerk to work with. Oh, plus Frank Lloyd Wright left his (John’s) mother for another woman (Mamah Cheney) even though both were married. However, this is a great fun fact, because it shows that Oak Park, Il really has its priorities really mixed up when it celebrates its “heroes” kinda like Chicago celebrating (officially) Al Capone.

The moral story here is not to recognize people like John Lloyd Wright, John Maloney or even Betty White but Oak Park, IL likes to focus upon those who have major faults. People who usually we do want kids to look up to or follow in the steps of, you know, people who stayed married to one person for a while and not dump them in a horrible way. Yes, John was married three times but at least he did not cheat on his wife publicly and waited a couple of months before moving along. Geez.