Oak Park, IL on Yelp.com

Today’s lesson Oak Park. IL is on Yelp.com! Hahaha no that is not a good thing at all. Oak Park, IL has only two stars and they have great reviews on this listing of the pros and cons from real people about what is right and what is wrong about Oak Park, IL.

Here is the listing of Oak Park, Il upon yelp.com:


What is amazing about this is that there are multiple complaints about the parking in Oak Park, IL and someone upon the site did state that they received a 24-hour sticker but to no avail: they received a ticket anyway. It seems judging by the multiple entries that Oak Park, IL is filled with a bunch of parking assholes that cannot wait to write you a ticket!

One person beautifully stated: “Chipotle, Five Guys, Old Navy, chain stores… This is not culture…”  so true, Oak Park, Il has a culture, a culture knee deep in assholism and being restrictive in an OCD type of way. Even my OCD issues are not as bad as the parking restrictions here in Oak Park, IL.

Another person stated… “It takes a fair bit of self-delusion to convince yourself that Oak Park is the best place to live….” and that they felt safer when they lived in the Loop than in Oak Park, IL with the crime here. Very true I see a lot of issues when driving or walking down the street, tons of opportunities in Oak Park’s darkly lit side streets for anyone with criminal intentions to take advantage of. The residents that are simply walking around oblivious to the world around them. No wonder why they get mugged, Lakeview has the same issues but dude, the majority of those residents are alert even when they fed up drunk. Maybe it is because they are making sure they are not going to step on some of the large rats that come out at night, but they are more alert in Lakeview than here in Oak Park, IL.

I could go on and on and I probably will in a part two or part three, but I just want to list here how amazing it is to have an actual village being listed on yelp.com! Also adding to the impact of shock is the image of Oak Park, IL having this white picket fence image with fantastic lawns and hippy liberal ways are seriously being destroyed on this site. Am I the only one thinking this is amazing or strange?

Expanding the Oak Park, IL blog

Update on Oak Park, IL blog I am now on blogger (google +) and Tumblr it is very hard to publish the different blog entries because of how each site is set up. Although WordPress is linked to work with Facebook, google + and Tumblr the problem I find is that google + publishes all the entries I schedule on WordPress only to me. Therefore, I have to either go into google + and make a public copy of the entry that is on my page, or repost the whole thing again through blogger.com.

Which of course is a lot more work, adds like duplicates to my posts on the google + page and then just messes up my Oak Park, IL blog logo that I made. Ugh. Don’t worry I am keeping both for two reasons, WordPress has the technology and savvy to make the blog posts look good and the design is sleek, google + has exposure due to being am email account site as well. I am not the type to just choose one over the other I like to have my cake and eat it too. Besides I have followed a sh*t load of good blogs on WordPress that I will follow on google+. Hopefully that mean as (translate into) more readers for those who I have followed as well as my own blog on WordPress.

Although it’s called blogger.com the address is blog spot, (huh?) don’t worry though, you will be reading the same posts from WordPress if you follow me on this address: http://oakparkilblog.blogspot.com/ Same punk attitude same topics, same blog posts.


Ernest Hemingway House and Museum Pictures

Well, I finally got the time to put all the photos I have from my trip to the Ernest Hemingway House and Museum shared onto my google plus account. This is the addy if you want non-Herb Ritts type (regular) amateur type photos from you own usage:

—> https://goo.gl/photos/gi4GPgAWY4VusGnc7



It is about 141 photos I tried to take as many as I could and stay with the guide who ran us through the place. I was using a combination of an old digital camera that wanted to work when it wanted and a cell phone camera. The latter I believe we all know does not give the best quality pictures for anything but a quick glance. I saved them to my google plus in a public folder for viewing so click and share away  mofos!

Do not worry, I will be back bitching about Oak Park, IL soon enough.

Facts from the Hemingway house tour in Oak Park, Il

There are some great facts about Hemingway’s life that I learned during the tour of Ernest Hemingway’s birthplace. Again the guides are knowledgeable and very expressive giving life to the many stories surrounding Hemingway’s early years. I will share a few to help those who want to know anything new about Hemingway or needs it for some type of project. Either way, hopefully you can google some of these facts and confirm them for great stories or to beef up that Final report for school.

-Hemingway grew up with two grandfathers in the war, one who could not stop talking about the war, and the other grandfather would just walk away when someone brought it up, most likely the other grandfather.

-Hemingway’s father was not only a doctor but he was also a taxidermist.

-Clarence Hemingway was also great…. in the kitchen and washed the dishes! There is still a stool that pulls out in front of the sink so that you can sit down while washing dishes.

-The early Hemingway children/siblings were born in the house in the same room.

-The maid(s) actually lived on the same floor as the family (I guess this was a new thing at that time) and one had an affair with the uncle that lived in the house as well.

-Hemingway’s grandfather owned the house where he was born and wrote it in his will upon his death that it must be sold. Therefore, after his death the entire Hemingway had to relocate.

-Suicide followed five generations of Hemingways, so Ernest was not an outlier I would guess there was probably a history of mental illness that was never really diagnosed outside of Ernest.

This Hemingway birthplace/home was something that Oak Park, IL does well and it is a shame the village does not know how to properly and respectfully promote Hemingway. The Hemingway birthplace/home is a diamond in the rough here in Oak Park, IL something created out of circumstance, not by Oak Park, Il itself (like parking restrictions) and maybe that is why it does not gel well with the “flow” of Oak Park, IL.

Here is an online brochure of The Hemingway home:


Ernest Hemingway’s missing love letter

Its Ernest Hemingway week and Oak Park, IL is trying to celebrate the man, the literary icon himself, so when I saw this article on July 12th about a “lost love letter” I was not surprised. A coauthor of a new Hemingway book was recently on “Chicago Tonight” and he mentioned this revolutionary letter that was just found in time for Hemingway week.

I mean what is the coincidence? All of the sudden there is a love letter found, from what I gather is that Hemingway was a hoarder so “finding” a love letter from his past is not surprising. I guess it is the timing of this “find” that makes me wonder how pretentious this is. As if normal people cannot put two plus two together and get four, and that this whole finding is merely a publicity stunt done wrong. Hemingway would probably have a novel’s worth to say regarding the blatant exploitation of such letters especially when it is an obvious marketing ploy.

Seriously, how do you “find” a lost love letter in a museum or vault of Hemingway’s possessions as stated on the “Chicago Tonight” interview? Do you find “lost” money when you walk into a bank? Yeah I shook my head to both questions, the first because I wonder how unintelligent these promoters believe the general public is, and the other because it was a great analogy.

If you are going to attend a museum about Ernest Hemingway either you are a student, fan of, or someone who generally knows something about Hemingway, therefore, semi-intelligent, and such an announcement would have had greater weight if done any other time than before a week dedicated to the author himself. To me, it just cheapens the man, his life and his works, if you read some of the criticism leveled onto Hemingway by his mother alone, you will probably agree with me, that such stunts like this are simply tasteless.

Here is the article that mentions the “lost love letter” written by Ernest Hemingway to Von Kurowsky:


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Re-post of Hemingway Museum

Please read the re-blogged post I have up on here from “The Imperfect Organization”. On here it discusses positive (I know right) things/changes that would help the Hemingway museum be a little more enticing to visitors and those who are looking to kill a couple hours in Oak Park, IL. You may notice one of the pictures “imperfect” used was from one of my previous blogs posts, please note she asked permission!

BUT that is not necessary at all!!!! Please feel free to use any picture that I MYSELF have taken, or artwork that I recreated, manipulated in any form, for your own usage. It is my feeling that if I took the pictures in public places and/or public events like any photographer if I created it or took a picture of it I can decided what to do with it. Well, I believe something in Oak Park, Il should be free and like Ernest Hemingway this is my way of giving back. HA!

Oh and you can repost or use the videos I have on youtube.com of the Fourth of July parade as well, none of that “rights reserved” crap, its free for all. Again feel free to use the stuff I have taken pictures of for your usage whether it’s your own blogs, school projects, etc., no need to ask!

(PS: There are some pictures like the LGBT flag, typewriter, 2-hour parking sign, etc., that are stock images that I found on the net, and took and used. If you use those I found them on google so you can find the citation and other information there, if necessary because like my free will statement I understood these were posted in the same vein of sharing as I have aforementioned with my pictures.)

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Chicago Tonight interview about new Ernest Hemingway book

I watched the “Chicago Tonight” segment on Thursday regarding a new Hemingway book from the editor of the Oak Park, IL newsletter “Oak Leaves” the co-author (Robert K. Elder) it seemed had unlimited access to a treasure trove of Hemingway articles, letters, and all other sorts of paraphernalia. And really did not have too much to say regarding Hemingway or I should say anything new. Most of what he stated during the interview I heard during my tour of the Hemingway birthplace, in fact, the tour guide at the birthplace was more informative!!!

During one part of this interview, the co-author mentioned Hemingway’s famous line describing Oak Park, as the place of “wide lawns and narrow minds” as maybe Hemingway describing his parents this to me sounds like one of those “company line” kind of statement. The general one, like a big corporation, tells its employees to use when discussing matters of controversy to the public. The co-author even mentioned that he was not sure that Hemingway said it, but then states that Hemingway was referring to his family, not Oak Park, IL.

So which one is it? If you state Hemingway did not say this, then who did? Find out, because if you are writing a book and this is a question that comes up a lot, research it, thoroughly. If this statement is false in refereeing to Oak Park, IL as the co-author states then prove it. But then that means every other Hemingway quote is up for reinterpretation as well, and with access to all this material regarding Hemingway’s life the answer should be easy to find.

Just because Hemingway spoke at events at his alma mater (Oak Park High School) does not mean that he did not feel or change the fact about how Ernest felt about Oak Park, IL. Montgomery Ward fought for years to keep the Chicago lakefront clear for public usage, but after the 20 years and against the wishes of the Chicago public (at that time) he doubted if do it again. Meaning that even though Ward like Hemingway gave back to his community they both felt a certain way that does not fall in line with the positive outlook that is associated with these two or they had an opinion that worked contrary to their actions.

Although both men contributed to their communities and they felt a certain way afterward making their statements in the case with Montgomery Ward, public opinion nowadays, has changed and sides with him, and Chicago seems to agree with him, accept it and move on. In Hemingway’s case regarding his statement we have the exact opposite (being denied) and there is no acceptance of how he viewed Oak Park, IL or argument, presented with actual facts, that such attitudes have changed since then.

Here the co-author with access to so much material written by Hemingway could have made an argument either way about this statement but could not. The interview did give us insight in maybe Hemingway sleeping around with his sister in law, keeping hate mail, etc., but it did not really sell me on buying the book or promoting the upcoming Hemingway week. I think instead one of the Hemingway guides should have been interviewed as well, to help present Hemingway in a more authentic light. This interview though had interesting tidbits it just was confirmed how self-delusional people out here think of themselves, on a highly narcissistic level than would make any Grad level Psychology student salivate at the potential case studies that could be done with some of the residents in Oak Park, IL

This article covers the Chicago tonight interview and covers a couple more swipes that Hemingway took against Oak Park, IL in the last three paragraphs, will give you a great laugh.


Ernest Hemingway Celebration in Oak park, IL

Hemingway celebration on its way here in Oak Park, Il announced let’s screw citation and put the link from the Chicago Tribune here:


Here is where Oak Park, Il is going to celebrate a famous author who described the people of Oak Park, IL in a negative manner, basically saying they are narrow-minded, publicly. It is like any of my exes stating that I am the most fantastic person in the world ha! I mean Hemingway did some speaking engagements here in Oak Park, IL possibly giving back, to enlighten the young minds and make in ways to destroy the ignorance and arrogance here in Oak Park, IL.

Of course, you have to applaud the man for that, but he obviously had an opinion about the place let us not act lie it does not exist. I say that in present terminology because it is a fact that was created then, and remains a fact today. Hemingway did not, like many of our politicians today, retract that statement. It is what it is, so celebrating him is kind of weird or is it?

Hemingway is an Icon, being his birthplace Oak Park, IL is trying to cash in on that fact, much like a foundering sports organization banking on the images of former players to sell tickets, jerseys or events. Hemingway is part of the culture that Oak Park, IL cannot deny no matter how he thought about it.

When it comes to culture what else dos Oak Park, IL have besides Wilbur Wright who was not even born here! Should River Forest have parades and tours too because they have a Wright-designed house there too? Yes, he worked here and had a studio here but Oak Park, IL believes that it is their right to cash on it as well.

But really all Oak park, IL has is Hemingway in regards to homegrown culture and he did not look favorably on the village, you wonder what else is there? Who else is out there in Oak Park, IL that is ready to become the next cultural icon, so the village can profit off of? If you are thinking that you are that person and you lived in Oak Park, IL at one time, one day in the future, mostly likely after you are dead, the exploitation by Oak Park, IL will begin. I am sure about it like the sky is blue.

Mullen, Caitlin (2016) “Hemingway-themed events headed to Oak Park” July 1, 2016 Oak Leaves/Pioneer Press


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Ernest Hemingway birthplace and museum, Oak Park, IL visit.

Hi gang!  I wanted to add this note (post) on here with all the other posts made this week, that in lieu of the upcoming Ernest Hemingway week, I will have another post or two in the upcoming days devoted to him. Since Oak Park, Il talks about Hemingway as their favorite son as if he devoted his life to this Oak Park, IL I decided I would put my money where my mouth is and go to the Historical birthplace of Ernest Hemingway (and his siblings) and the Hemingway museum on Oak Park avenue. And so this past Sunday on the 10th I did the whole tour of the birthplace and wandered around the small museum to get a better picture of the man instead up-close and personal than what you read online and in books.

The guides at the Hemingway house and museum are incredible with their in-depth knowledge repository they have regarding this man, and if you do go to either I recommend going on a Sunday and not during the celebratory week. Mainly because the room in Hemingway’s birthplace are so small that with the guide only about ten of us could fit at a time, plus it gives you enough time to peruse the museum even further without tons of crowds.

Some of the furniture and photos in the house (on the first floor) are reproductions but that does not mean that you can act like a bull in a china shop! I was not sure about the flash photography in Hemingway’s birthplace so I took a bunch of photos with my phone! I then used my digital camera with and without the flash option at the museum. Altogether I took about 125 pictures, I have not gone through and reviewed all of them for quality purposes and will be posting them at various times I talk about Hemingway here on the blog.

The tour runs about $15 per person, so taking pictures is very much recommended. Note that the tour guides wait for you as they go room to room so be very fast taking pictures! You do not have time to do your best Herb Ritts impression with limited time and being mashed in a room with ten people. Plus, there is a four-hour BBC documentary about Hemingway, that includes an interview with Hemingway’s sister. Yes, I said four hours and no, I did not stay in the museum to watch it because I had a lot of water before I went into the Hemingway birthplace. Please note I do not think you can be chugging on liquids there because of some of the antiques and the public bathrooms, that I found were at the museum, not birthplace, so keep that in mind if you go when it is really hot out!

The tour was great we learned a lot about Hemingway, especially the fact that when he came back from World War 1 he did not feel at home here in Oak Park, IL add to that his upbringing, mother, and dalliances with women I see why he did not stay or like it here. Quick fact Hemingway lived in Spain and ended up in Idaho before ending his life, never staying here in Oak Park, IL longer than he needed. Also, it is mentioned that he felt at home in the Michigan summerhouse that his family owned more than the other family homes (there were two) here in Oak Park, IL. So I guess even the museum reinforces the Hemingway’s attitude about Oak Park, IL

So with that said, I guess even the museum reinforces the Hemingway’s attitude and his previous “wide lawns..” statement about Oak Park, IL were based upon his experiences and cannot be argued otherwise. Its seems like this blog Hemingway states that Oak Park, IL is an okay place to visit but not to stay!