Marijuana legal in Illinois!

Well, well, well, So Illinois has FINALLY legalized Marijuana! There may be a reason to stay in the state, but not enough to stay in Oak Park, IL however! I doubt that Oak Park, can be “trendy” enough to get on the bandwagon and issue the business licenses to have recreational dispensaries. Yes, there are medical ones, but I am talking about recreational where parking and facilities for the amount of customer traffic a business occurs!

When I was in Vegas, recreational dispensaries were in buildings the size of a CVS or even a Costco, and there is no where in Oak Park, IL where that commercial need can be met. The village is too busy trying to build condos everywhere and “hoodwink” people out of their property values to really be concerned on a possible commercial opportunity that would definitely help the village and its residents financially.

Of course, I know some idiots would argue that it may bring a criminal or unsavory element to Oak Park, IL but seriously we have kids writing racist crap in public places so such bullshit is unwarranted. But that is alright other suburbs and cities in Illinois will profit, the rest of us will be baked, and Oak Park, IL will be out of shits luck due to its outmoded, and outdated way of doing things.