Goodbye Oak Park, IL Metra Station

I am not really crying a bit about the Oak park Metra station closing every time I get there in the afternoon there is hardly anyone “manning “the window so who really cares? This station only generated $28k in sales and Metra states the Ventra app is now taking care 30% of the sales for rider tickets. Whatever the fuck ever. Oak Park has one operator one window

Oak Park has one operator one window downtown Chicago has.. well you get the picture and Metra has to close a location??? No shit sounds like bad business decisions not different options to purchase tickets. I am very glad that they are taking away this option from Oak Park, Il other locations that know how to use these types of resources need to be able to grow. The people won’t miss it until its gone as per usual, then oh well, it is too late.

Here is the article talking about the closing on March 30th: