Re-post of Hemingway Museum

Please read the re-blogged post I have up on here from “The Imperfect Organization”. On here it discusses positive (I know right) things/changes that would help the Hemingway museum be a little more enticing to visitors and those who are looking to kill a couple hours in Oak Park, IL. You may notice one of the pictures “imperfect” used was from one of my previous blogs posts, please note she asked permission!

BUT that is not necessary at all!!!! Please feel free to use any picture that I MYSELF have taken, or artwork that I recreated, manipulated in any form, for your own usage. It is my feeling that if I took the pictures in public places and/or public events like any photographer if I created it or took a picture of it I can decided what to do with it. Well, I believe something in Oak Park, Il should be free and like Ernest Hemingway this is my way of giving back. HA!

Oh and you can repost or use the videos I have on of the Fourth of July parade as well, none of that “rights reserved” crap, its free for all. Again feel free to use the stuff I have taken pictures of for your usage whether it’s your own blogs, school projects, etc., no need to ask!

(PS: There are some pictures like the LGBT flag, typewriter, 2-hour parking sign, etc., that are stock images that I found on the net, and took and used. If you use those I found them on google so you can find the citation and other information there, if necessary because like my free will statement I understood these were posted in the same vein of sharing as I have aforementioned with my pictures.)

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