Wrigleyville: the next Disneyland?

Well just recently Trump appointed Todd Ricketts the deputy commerce secretary, now as crazy as this seems after the Ricketts family was at odds with Trump during the campaign, what about the future? You know, how long do you think it will be with Todd as Deputy will Wrigleyville become more of a Cubs related theme park instead of a neighborhood with Wrigley Field in it?

Meaning how long do you think he starts using that political might to changing the landscape around the ballpark even more than the Ricketts family has done already? I mean they got the old McDonald’s torn down, the bought some of the roof tops viewing areas so what is next? Maybe closing down Clark to traffic and making it a pedway with Cubs related stores owned by the family, from restaurants to sports gear to bars, with all the small businesses currently owned pushed out of business by the new deputy?

Making the area the Sports Disneyworld of the Midwest, Cubs fans will pay for the experience so as long as they leave Wrigley Field standing as (basically) it is without major renovations done. I wonder if the restaurant with days with specials that cost $1.08?