Whats up with Oak Park?

What is up with the parking in Oak Park? If there are not enough problems there as is, parking becomes a chore for residents, renters and visitors alike. You know those commercials that make fun of the multiple parking signs that make no sense? that is Oak Park all day, all night.

Why does this village make it so hard to dwell in this crusty little suburb I have no idea, maybe because Wright design a home or two in the area, or because Hemingway was born in Oak Park. Well so was Bill Murray and you do not see them have historical markers for him! The whole area screams of a pretentious isolationist attitude that is not deserved I mean the sidewalks are covered in dog poop.

Plus, if you want people to live there, work there, shop there, have some parking friendly areas, there are tons of signs that are 2-hour parking on one block. no parking on the next, dead end here, 8 am through 5 pm 2-hour parking over there.

Seriously! I have never seen a suburb wanting to make sure you do not stay in their crusty area as much as Oak Park. If you know what I am talking about, comment or send pictures of these stupid signs.


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