Oak Park, IL is filled with crazies!

Oak Park, IL is like having parents in your business telling you what to do and where to park when you are like 45 or 50! Nowhere else I have lived around the city or in the suburbs has been this disruptive, it is actually so peaceful elsewhere.

Some of these crazy residents seem to like to lord over on others and show, nay, flaunt their superiority over others. These “superior” beings cannot wait to tell the world how they went or are going wrong. To me, all these fucks should just go tend their Bee factory or botanical converse and leave the rest of us sensible human being be.

There is enough craziness going on out in the world without the psychotic residents of Oak Park, Il just needlessly coming up to complete strangers and adding their two cents or demanding some type of action from. Basically, they should just learn their manners and just fuck off.

Crime on the Blue Line is a Headache for travel in Oak Park, IL especially with the World Series on the way!

Just as you thought it was alright to ride the blue line CTA trains again from Oak Park, IL to downtown Chicago, now another crime spree:


I know first thing you will say is that “hey that’s Chicago not Oak Park, IL but considering that the Blue line runs through Oak Park, IL at least three times you should be worried about such a criminal element coming to Oak Park, IL. If they have access to the blue line it would be foolish to believe that they would stay upon that train within the Chicago metro area waiting to be caught. Although I am saying “they: and “them” we are dealing with criminals obviously that are very violent you will beat the shit out of you while robbing you.

The imaginary boundary that exists in Oak Park, Il will not protect it or its residents like this from crime spreading here nor will safeguard residents going into the city. We cannot just look the other way we have to be diligent when going into the city and around the areas near the blue line stops here in Oak Park, Il. I say that because criminals usually try to stay very close to their avenues of transport or escape so if they migrate to Oak Park, Il for a change of venue then all the delusional hippies might get knocked in the head for their money or some idiot kids walking while paying attention to their phones could get those items stolen easily.

When one thinks of this type of possibility you can easily get nervous or even overreact but again all that is needed is to be alert and realize that you are in the real world even though you are in Oak Park, IL. Don’t fool yourself and keep alert this may f up your drinking plans for the World series but it is better safe than sorry.

Google Plus group called Oak park, Il sucks now active!

Oh I remember telling everyone that I was on blogger.com after starting on wordpress.com, meaning I am on google + then I am also on tumblr and just around a week ago on twitter.com but I have been playing around with the options on google + ad made my own group.

That group is called Oak Park Il sucks, yup you read that right. I felt that since Oak park, Il is not a place of puppy dogs, flowers always blooming and sunshine, that we the people who grasp the reality of what Oak Park, Il really is, need a place to vent (bitch), moan, complain, about Oak Park, IL.

I thought those who own property here, live in their own or rent property here, or maybe you moved away, or grew up here and never want to come back (smart!) this is the place for you especially if you may have some realism and hostility in your heart regarding Oak Park, IL. This group is where you can just spew all that out, just like in the comment section(s) of my blogs.

Just join, comment do whatever, just curse the shit out of Oak Park, IL you are definitely not alone, think of it as cheap ass therapy.