Black Lives Mural in Oak Park, IL defaced -no surprise there!

Well, Well and Well. Thank you for proving me fucking right! Oak Park, IL has taken off its mask and shown its ugly RACIST face. On the 8th someone or maybe a group of people vandalized the Black Lives Matter mural and changed it to an “All Lives Matter” mural. Honestly “all lives matter” is bullshit because they do not. The same assholes who say that are the ones who have a problem wearing a mask when around people in public venues.

This was a festering in the area where the “overwhelming support” obviously had some dissenters. There is video online of a couple that, in broad daylight are painting over a similar Black Lives Matter mural In California, for them evne though they are obviously racist and out their fucking minds, I have a sliver of respect for them over the idiots who vandalized the mural in Oak Park, IL. The couple in California at least had the BALLS to do it in broad daylight, these people in Oak Park, IL actually did it at night.

Plus, on top of that is the area in which this occurred: Scoville Avenue just south of Lake Street in Oak Park. And no one saw nothing? Near Lake street? Which is Oak Park’s Michigan Avenue?? come on!! That tells you what the area thinks about this mural in the first place. Every time I drive through this area at night, I always run into a cop car, but on the 8th there, was, not, one???? No one was a person, or a group of people do all this new “artwork” to the mural?

Unfortunately, no one will come forward because everyone is in the closet with their hatred in Oak Park, IL unless you have some idiot who brags to a friend, who then brags to a friend who does NOT appreciate that shit. Add to this situation is that the couple in Martinez is being charged with a hate crime in their case so most likely the people involved here will be charged the same way. With the Oak park police department, I doubt the perps will be found because there are no consequences to not do the right thing and find the people involved.

Unless either the state or federal government fines the village for its lack of charging vandals in this case their will not be charges however, I guess the area will be more vigilant regarding the mural… at least for a while. But this is truly not a surprise considering how fake ass Oak park, IL really is. With all the past racial incidents not really coming to a solid conclusion it does mar the area, and those residents, students who try to move on and do more with their lives. Coming from a racist ass village does not sing well with college admissions representatives who do not want to accept student who may become a hassle in the future regardless of the probabilities that student may or may not be one (a hassle).

The problem is instead of facing its racist present Oak Park, Il would rather put on a mask and fool itself regarding what is still going on. As now everyone around the village can see this “shining beacon on a hill” is really not shit. The mask is off and there is no way to put it back on.

PS: Oh, I found out about the mural being defaced wayyyyy early in the morning via social media and waited until the local news confirmed it four hours later. FOUR HOURS. Great going Oak Park, IL!

Here is the article regarding the pair in California being charged with hate crime:

Here is the article regarding the mural being defaced:

Black lives matter mural in Oak Park, IL

There is not a lot happening here in Oak Park, IL but when it does it is laughable.

First of all, hats off to the non-black kids who were part of this activism. Second, when its Oak Park and a liberal “fad” all responses that you would hear is “Overwhelmingly positive”. Unfortunately, that is where the positivity stops. Meaning, great gesture, wrong place or avenue to place that energy.

Anyone of color will tell you that the mural is great. But what about ACTUAL reform? Every company form coast to coast is suddenly “woke” but it does not mean shit if change does not happen. If the old guard that has caused the situation or hostile environment that requires a need for change is still in place …it means nothing.

The mask of Oak Park, Il is inviting, welcoming and inclusive however the real face of Oak Park, IL is racist as a KKK BBQ. The fact that those cul da sacs are still in existence up and own Austin Avenue bordering Chicago, the atmosphere of racism will still persist. The fact that most of the residents will get in your face to tell you what they think or what to do instead of minding their fucking business and curb their fucking attitude is the reason why we have sooo many videos of confrontations nowadays.

Confrontations that are racial based, although the agitators like most of the residents in Oak Park, IL probably feel they are in the “right” to expound about whatever they are in their feelings about. The fact of the matter it comes from privilege that no mural will change. These feelings that a group of people are secondary is evident on a daily basis here in Oak Park, IL and it will not end anytime soon.

In other words: great effort, but misplaced.

Here is the link to the mural:

Links to Oak Park, IL-corporations linked pages

I wrote a few pages connected to the Oak Park, IL blog. About Com ed, etc. These are page links:
I usually write about Oak Park,, but these are subjects that are loosely associated with it. I really cannot stand some of the organizations that operate in or loosely with the village of Oak Park, Il therefore I give them a spotlight to shine. I should not say shine because usually these organizations are acting on some type of bullshit or insanity. But click on the links for more detail.

HP note book piece of crap erased my Oak Park, IL blog posts

Part of the problem with writing or doing anything online is having a dependable device to do so. I have to admit I stumbled a bit in my last couple of purchases not being a huge tech person I bought a 3 in 1 desktop and a hp notebook to do my main stuff on. I thought buying these with Windows 10 already on them I would be able to phase out my old windows 7 desktop with no problem. I was totally wrong.

I wrote at least 30 plus posts in my windows 10 Hewlett Packard notebook and lost them due to some shitty windows 10 update. This windows 10 update basically needed to have 1 gb more space that the notebook had to offer. Being a notebook, I did not think that I would need a lot of space. But the windows 10 update one started made the notebook inoperable I could not save anything or open any of the programs on the notebook at all.

This goes back to the 30 posts I wrote on the damn thing all of those posts lost… it was heartbreaking and hard as hell to come back from. As a result of This incident i opened up multiple free storage accounts online and transferred all the stuff I did had to external storage (physical). Never again would I buy a hp notebook.

The argument could be made for a Mac if my iPad did freeze and become unusable during this same time. It is as if you are damned if you do damned if you don’t. I added pictures of the piece of shit hp notebook so you can see the model number, etc. And do not make the same mistake I did with this fucking piece of shit.

Forest Preserve closures near the Oak Park, IL area

Just so you know that the Memorial Day weekend will have closures at the local Forest preserves. This is so that you idiots who like to congregate and spread disease together without a care for anyone else will not have these various venues to go to. They authorities are urging people to stay at home and enjoy themselves there. Obviously, it is a shame that the local authorities have to tell local residents this but since people are complete morons such measures must be taken.

These areas include the Dan Ryan Woods and Schiller Woods which are pretty close to here, I am surprised the Thatcher woods was not mentioned. Of course, we need at least one place for “cruising” LOL You know we will get someone wanting to push the “envelope” and complain or protest physically at our local forest preserves and thereby putting themselves, local first responders, and everyone in jeopardy. By hey these people feel “oppressed” and will go ahead and move forward with putting their stupidity into action.

When in reality, these people should just stay at home to enjoy the holiday. Maybe they should also read a book, or google some moments in time that dealt with oppression like the “trail of tears” or maybe the American internment camps of the 1940’s. Then and maybe then these idiots will get a slight idea what it means to be oppressed.

Here is the article discussing the closures of the local forest preserves:

More Cook County Forest Preserve Parking Lots to Close for Memorial Day Weekend


House Party during lock down!

How great is it that there was a house party here in Chicago? Oh yeah, the coronavirus is still going on so great thinking there. Idiots. I do love that the homeowner went on the local news to apologize (without showing her face) but had her grown ass son come on the same interview to apologize and show his face and exposing this moron’s identity.

This grown ass man disabled the security bell/camera and totally cleaned up the apartment, when his mother was busy. The mother is a first responder who was away for 24 hours therefore giving the son a huge timetable to enact his stupidity. The son states he was “being young” and did not know the severity of the coronavirus. Which is bullshit.

I mean he cleaned the entire place up before she got home and he disabled the security system so that the mother did not get notifications about the 200 guests he got that night.  The only reason the mother found out was because the cops showed up to give her a citation.

Although it was the son’s fault, she was the one cited for the party and she is trying to work with the alderman and the Chicago Police department to get it revoked. This is entirely the wrong thing to do, this “kid” is 26 not 16. He is a grown ass man and the mother should get punished for letting her stupid ass spawn get away with something like this. It sets a precedent for future cases if it is excused or not, being a first responder does not mean you should be exempted from the consequences of breaking a quarantine which the majority of her colleagues are actively supporting. Today’s “younger” generation just needs to man up and accept responsibility for their actions and their parents need to stop being their friends.

Here is the article which talks about the incident:

Corona issues at the Hines VA

Thanks to the Coronavirus now the “essential workers” at Hines VA Hospital on the westside are now being threatened. I put that term essential in quotation marks because these people are considered essential until they ask for more equipment or raises due to the conditions, they face due to this virus. And then they become selfish or told to do their jobs. That whole essential term goes away at that point and these workers become an issue or a problem.

These essential workers especially become an issue when people want to get their hair done or have this overwhelming need for someone to serve them. Then the selfishness comes barreling out and these essential workers are no longer praised but yelled at or denounced by people with less education than a dog. Instead of giving the people trained in all this shit what they need and ask for, we rather bitch or try a work around to get out of meeting these needs.

The last thing we need is to have essential workers walk out and protest that they are not getting what they need because of  basic greed by politicians or worse yet, the trash, that we see on the news not caring “if they get it (coronavirus)” Simple compliance will carry us all through this bullshit but so long as people remain selfish and greedy all of us will NOT get there at all. And the first step is to give these workers at Hines what they demand, immediately.

This is a local article talking about the protests:

Posting on blogger for Oak Park, IL

I am trying to catch up and post on the blogger version of this blog. However, Google is doing that crazy-ass thing where it wants me to add the blood type of my grandmother to my profile to even sign into the account. I refuse to do that or add my phone number because I figure Google is selling enough of my data to various companies, so I will just wait until I have time to get to a dedicated computer to finish that task.
Therefore, if you see this post on the blogger version of this blog it was a success. I just love how Google is taking away all the freebies they once were offering like some people won’t just leave out of principle.

Trolling public officials in Oak Park, il

After the heated exchange between Dan Moroney and Susan Buchanan, the latter is getting trolled with threats. Now, this just highlights the reason for a statement and why the opposition to it is just ridiculous. Even though Ms. Buchanan was out of line with her outburst, being a public discussion and debate regarding this issue. Meaning keep it civil. The fact that she is being trolled and threatened outlines that the village still has a bunch of idiots that no matter how wrong or right, you may state Ms. Buchanan’s behavior was, it illustrates her point.

In the forum someone made the point if Oak Park, IL cannot get past a statement how can it improve on an inclusive environment for diversity that it believes the village to be. The opposition to the statement and not programs that will come late as a result of the statement is not a good look for Oak Park, IL. It shows that how backwards the village is and could impact the different businesses, systems (educational social, etc.), and residents when trying to outreach to others outside of the village’s borders.

Nowadays in an increasing ever changing America, the need to reach out and build bridges amongst diverse groups is required. No longer can one group “be on top” and hope that the others fall in line, that time is over with. Oak Park, IL with the various individuals railing against a statement, just a statement (let that sink in), is just drowning itself in a shallow pool of outdated stigmas, meanwhile dragging its residents and businesses with it. Oak Park, Il even if it completes, agrees, and puts out this statement will now always be behind the preverbal 8-ball because of the opposition and the trolling of Ms. Buchanan. Oak Park, IL will be now known as a racist, sexist, xenophobic, bias, homophobic and hate filled village because of its inability to agree upon, a statement.

Diversity statement in Oak Park, IL how hard is it?

Regarding the diversity statement which Oak Park, IL is trying to create, it seems ridiculous that there would be such a debate. It is funny but not surprising that Dan Moroney would have some opposition to such a statement remember he was elected in his position by people in the village who feel just like he does. So there is opposition to “stopping the hate” in Oak Park, IL it is just that Dan Moroney is the public face of that movement.

When another trustee Susan Buchanan made the point that the trustees in opposition do not have an “idea” of the oppression facing these communities she too is a voice elected by some of the people in Oak Park, IL. Meaning she too, is a part of that group dealing with the frustration of the village’s slow moving progress in dealing with diversity and the issues that come with it (positive and negative). The village always wants to kick the can down the road and that is really the issue here.

Wanting clear definitions of “systems of oppression” seems dumb as shit. But what it really is, is a way out in case something (an event) occurs in Oak Park, Il that lies in direct opposition of encouraging diversity or is defined by this list of “systems of oppression”. Meaning the opposition want a clear definition so that they can work around it. Plain and simple. These are those kids who play “tag” football and argue that a tackle is a version of “tagging” because you are touching your opponent.

With every word printed for the “systems of oppression” Oak Park, Il is talking five steps back into the past. Worse, it is developing a guideline for those who want to circumvent it and still perpetuate a system of abuse by telling them what is being looked out for. And thereby giving them (the opposition) a way to work around it.

Here is the link discussing the diversity discussion: