Renting in Oak Park, IL -some helpful links

When moving into Oak Park, Il or anywhere else you need to be on your toes regarding the rental process. Below I have added some links to the’s website regarding the rental process. What questions you should ask normally, an apartment checklist to things you should do when you move out. Because Oak Park, IL will make you do that, move out.

I would also research or ask about:

The parking conditions in the area. This is serious because if you do not know the parking restrictions in the area of your new place you can easily rack up 50 to 150 dollars’ worth in tickets.

The demographics of your neighbors. Families will tell you how busy the area will be. Seniors will tell you how quiet you need to be and how much intrusiveness you can expect on your daily life when you are entering or exiting the public domain.

Here are the articles I aforementioned above:

Laundry in Oak PArk, IL

Arrrghh So I did my wash and I dried it brought it upstairs from the laundry area downstairs to fold and what is all over it? Fucking dog hair!!!! And I do not even own a dog! Now, I know it’s a public laundry area but man you would think these residents would have some decency to not wash whole dog beds or dog pillows in the regular washing machines with regular clothes. Some people like to go to work looking professional, and not having to worry about dog hair flying off their clothes into the air, in front of bosses, clients or fellow co-workers.

Now I have to use a lint brush and sit here and spend an hour getting all the dog hair out of my clothes when I do not even own a dog to necessitate that I should spend time out of my day to do this! This is one of the reasons I do not have animals so I do not have to do extra measures for cleaning my apartment or my clothes. I have owned dogs before and I have been very cautious and thoughtful of others when walking my dog and cleaning such things as a dog bed (HAND WASH BITCH!). But never have I ever had to deal with such callous disregard for one’s neighbors, what If I was deadly allergic to dog hair and dandruff? Oh, that’s my problem right? Oh but if someone sues these fucking dog owners and the building management because of allergic reaction they are the bad person here? Fuck that.

That’s why I will every time I step in their dog’ nasty dog shit I will wash the shows in the washer machines so they can get the full effect of what their sloppy, lazy ass owning of their dog entails and how it really affects others. Oh and complaining to management that does dick, they cannot even handle simple common sense security concerns let alone do something about this type of nasty ass behavior. Fucking nasty ass people. Really.

This is a link for those of you who face the same shit I do with ignorant fucking dog owners:

Thank God for Winter it stops the Neighbor from sanding furniture downstairs in Oak Park, IL

I am glad it’s winter because I can have some peace and quiet from my neighbor Meg always sanding her furniture like she is on an episode of this old House with Bob Vila (remember that show?) n the back area where the garbage cans are at the /entrance way to the laundry area and where some people park their cars without any village stickers. Wait I am in an apartment complex right? You ask. Yes, I am so it’s not like it’s her property to go and make a mess sanding furniture and leaving sawdust everywhere e for all to walk in and track back into their apartments. Nor is it her right to block all the majority of the recycling cans by placing her furniture or work area right in front of them. Nor is it her sidewalk to stain or leave wood stain on the ground, basically in the form of an outline of the furniture she painted with said stain.

Yes, with total disregard for anyone there was shit left everywhere and she did not attempt to clean it up! I came home from lunch a couple days in a row I would say basically 8 days in a two-week period and was beset by her sanding! There was not peace and quiet escape from the job on my Lunches there was Meg sanding from what I gathered was early morning to 7 pm at night, basically whenever it got dark.

Now I have to hand it to her work ethic but god damn on two days I took off in that same time period the sanding last from at least 8:30 am to 7:30 pm. That is simply ridiculous unless you have a permit and were actually remodeling something officially and were licensed but this crazy ass is renting an apartment in our building like me!

Here I cannot play my music loud without someone trying to come down and talk shit and the management (Green Plan) backing it up by talking crazy but this straight up privileged chick with the sweaters on her shoulders, upper crust yuppie was just going buck wild outside making noise and destroying the property and, nothing, was, said! That is why I am glad winter is here because that stops all that fucking ignorant behavior (can’t stain in wet winter bitch!) and gives me some opportunities to peace and quiet!

Now if the stupid old cunt and her creepy son can stop playing with their 50 lb. dog at 10 pm at night I would finally be able to enjoy this apartment… oh I almost forgot about the dog shit, so scratch “enjoy” from my previous sentence. Fucking Oak Park, IL is filled with a bunch of crazy bitches young and old that are determined to make this village worse that it usually is.

Oh, I had my friend go downstairs and make a little video of her sanding outside in the back of the apartment I put it on YouTube to save space on the blog account, just click on the hyperlink to hear how loud this shit is! Crazy fucking bitch.

Here is the video on


Oak Park, IL and its dog poop

Dear diary, today was a banner day, why? Oh because I almost stepped in dog poop today! I am so glad that responsible dog owners clean up after their dogs when they poop human sized turds on the sidewalk. No, the poop was not in the public lawn, on the side of the building. No, it was not picked up with the bags provided for free on the side of the building, by a responsible dog owner. Just left there, for people to step in, and it looks like someone did! Ha!

Listen in Lakeview this is a “no no” amongst the people who live there because they know that leaving dog poop in the middle of the sidewalk like that entices rats and other vermin who like to eat dog poop. Also in Lakeview the sidewalks are narrow very much like Oak Park, IL however there is a lot more space in Oak Park, IL huge lawns and such, for dogs to walk and do their number ones and twos. So why is there poop in the middle of the sidewalk? Why did the owner leave it there? Where the hell is my building management to wash it off the sidewalk (LOL)?

Sorry the building management is useless, but I wish that people would regard their responsibility of owning a dog a little bit more seriously, dogs are like small children they need to be nurtured and taught. If this is how this particular owner is training their dog, I hate to smell how their home smells or see what it looks like. I have walked by some of the apartments in my building through the courtyard and with the windows open I could tell who owns a dog or not because I can smell it more than five feet away.

This type of behavior would have never happened or occur in my household when I was growing up. While owning multiple dogs, things in our house were clean and my pets lived past their life expectancy because we took care of them, their hygiene, as well as our own… No excuses!! Now, I just wonder how many other former dog owners, “non-animal” people or even current dog owners have seen this in Oak Park, IL and have had the same thoughts or shook their heads in disgust? Or maybe they let out a barrage of curse words as they stepped into a pile of dog crap in the little of the sidewalk?

Laundry in Oak Park, IL

Oh, I forgot on the same day that I had crazy lady asking me to move my car so it would block a fire hydrant and not be parked in front of her house, I had another issue.

Unfortunately, I have a building laundry area that I have to share so doing the wash takes steps and planning.

Step one of the plan was to throw the laundry in two of the four washers, let that go for the 45 minutes it takes to run.

Then step two, Go down and throw the two loads in the two of the four dryers down there and let them run for the 45 minutes that is needed.

Then step three bring the stuff back up after its dry and fold the clothes.

Well step one worked perfectly it’s the steps two to three that a neighbor decided to mess it up and I guess during my step two started their own wash of three loads and decided I took too long to come down and took one of my loads from the dryer and threw it on top of the dryer it was previously in.

Then they replaced it with their stuff, in the dryer and took up the other two empty dryers. Now there was not a lot of clothes in any of these dryers, so taking up three made no sense.

And I know who it was this one Caucasian guy 6’2 174 lbs slight build blond hair i remember him well because I was down there during a previous episode of laundry day I was getting my clothes out of one dryer and he came down there all crazy and shit and opened up a dryer that had clothes in it. Asked me if they were mine, after I said no, he started to dump them on the top of the dryer and put his clothes in, then repeated the process for the next two dryers.

Well this time around some of my stuff was kind of dry (Still hot to the touch) and some of it was damp so I am not sure if this one dryer went the full cycle or he just felt privileged enough to take it over because his time means more than mine.

Man so I did the only thing I could do, and take the stuff off the top of the dryer and put it in the basket then I took the laundry out of the other dryer and put that in the basket as well. Of Course, I checked the other three dryers to make sure none of my clothes were in them and took my clothes upstairs and folded them (see picture).

Twenty minutes later I heard the laundry room gate slam and some talking then it slammed again five minutes later the laundry room gate slammed yet again then a minute later it slammed again. I looked out and saw the silhouette of a tall guy. So it must have been him, then I heard a repeating of the slamming of the gate five times (almost every twenty mins) through the time span of an hour. Crazy.

Oak Park, IL: Dirty pt 2

As I stated in part one,  my building maintenance is probably one of the worst. I say that this because of an issue of cleanliness that the maintenance people are required to take care of  at least on a weekly basis, and especially if they are announcing to residents this or at they are having an open house each week, while not keeping up the property.

So my issue was with the tissue left in the little lobby area between the two main entrance doors as you enter the apartment building from the courtyard. No, my history with the building management has not been stellar as I alluded to beforehand, so I saw no reason to help them in this endeavor and alert them that their building is not clean for the open house that they chose to have each Saturday. I tried for a month to get a screen door that looked like someone tried to break into the back door fixed for about a month -that’s  another blog for another time. So three pieces of snot rags on the ground? I really did not give a damn to contact them about, at all.

I tried for a month to get a screen door that looked like someone tried to break into the back door fixed for about a month -that’s  another blog for another time. So three pieces of snot rags on the ground? I really did not give a damn to contact them about, at all. Plain and simple. I did not do it and if this “community” that treats everyone like an outsider if they question something they do not agree with, do not want to be involved in their block parties, or  state how they feel about Oak Park, IL., in general, does not like that …suck  a dirty one.

These tissues were sitting there from June 22nd to July 6th, I took pictures on my phone to remind me of the dates that this example of nastiness and laziness occurred. Now if it was one of my neighbors I do not know, but I highly doubt it because many of them use the front entrance too and I doubt would leave these snot rags there! My point of annoyance occurs when between this time span not only was there maintenance man doing outside work to building (outside the entrance) on one date but they had the nerve to post a water shut off notice for the building during this time span!

Therefore the maintenance people had two instances in which they saw the tissue/snot rags on the floor, and had two chances to clean up this mess (or at least be notified about it) but did nothing! I know, at least something got done in a two-week span, hey it is good I was not planning to have anyone over for the 4th like my neighbors did! I shouldn’t complain, it is not like I pay for building maintenance or rent. I hope the building management had a huge Open house and showed all the prospective renters how ghetto they are!

I mean we throw trash around on the ground on this elite side of Austin correct? Glad that the supposed standards of excellent are maintained everywhere, oh Oak Park, IL why are thou not clean (well at least my apartment building)?


Oak Park, IL: dirty pt 1

Just wondering when my building will clean up the place, the front entrance to the building when they are having open houses each Saturday. The first picture was taken 6/22/16, the next picture was taken 7/2/16 my question is if they are showing rental how does it look to have garbage everywhere?

I know you are asking yourself: “If you are that upset why not just pick it up??” Well, that is a no, I do not know what germs are on those tissues, plus I pay to RENT not own, therefore it is the responsibility of the Property management company to get after the caretaker and all the little dudes they have around this place and other properties to make sure that the place is presentable.

I mean they half ass everything else (don’t worry I post about that too) in this building and for every issue I contacted them about in the months that I have stayed here. Obviously I am good enough to pay rent but not live in safe and clean housing, like a good slum lord, this is the attitude of the people of Oak Park, IL. I should just accept and move on with my life never mind, I pay good money for this inconvenience, for this crap!

Get with the Oak Park, IL regime’s program! LOL Well, I will move on and leave that shit right where it belongs: on the floor and their little minions from the management company can pick it up when they bring possible new tenants through.

That is always putting the best foot forward, Oak Park, by showing a new place with trash in the small front lobby to prospective tenants. Nice. Like I said it stays there and obviously my neighbors feel the same because no one else has picked it up so obviously six apartments of tenants fill the same. We pay so there is no way in hell we are doing the job of the building manager, there is no way in hell we are accepting this “clean up the community crap,” there is no way in hell we are picking that shit up!

Oak Park disgruntled-not alone

I was parked out in front of my building, getting stuff out my car the other day, after shopping at the local Walmart in Forest Park (which is hell), when this guy came out from the apartment building across the street.

He lumbered into his car, started it up, pulled out carefully, and drove to the corner and made a U-turn at the intersection to park behind my car.

He got out of the car, and said to me: “it’s crazy that you have to move your car every two hours! It’s just stupid, how they do things out here!” I agreed and he went back into his building.

Two things:

1. I wish I got his name so I could have quoted him!

2. So it is not just me that feels that Oak Park is one of the dumbest burbs on the planet when it comes to residential parking. Thank God I am not alone!



Oak Park, IL and the overuse of the word “vintage”

You know, “vintage” is a word that is thrown around a lot when talking about Oak Park, or when people are discussing either rental units, buildings, destinations, electric wiring or anything that is glammed up to deemed OLD or Obsolete.

The problem is most of the things that need replacing in these situations are either dire or would make life simply better for all those involved but the ascetics are always put before efficiency, the environment or even personal health.

So when you see the word “vintage” in the title of the blog post it will not always be the same thing, event, or item that I am ranting about just FYI. It is just that a lot of the times at least that I have noticed the word is used to simply cover up replacing something that you can tell will cause the defensive party to spend money. Or maybe changing the look or “feel” of an area entirely, poor dears sorry if the 100-year rugged sink is putting crap in the drinking water but it’s got to go because I am going through water filters like crazy.

Basically, like the example I have aforementioned there will be a lot of example of where the word “vintage” should just be dropped out of Oak Park’s 18th-century mindset, all together and it should move forward to the future; or at least to the present.