Oak Park-Cell coverage

The cell phone coverage is terrible in Oak Park you can only get one or two bars for reception in various areas. The hope is that you are still playing around with that new fangled thing called a rotary telephone and please do not, please do not have an emergency or need to send someone a text because you have been locked out of your residence or just wanted to send mom a text or picture.

God forbid if you want to do anything from a mobile device because you are taking a gamble doing any of that new cool stuff in Oak Park, it is like you either time traveled to a time before 1980, or you are trying to phone home in a distant galaxy because you will feel and look as absurd when  you are emailing your boss the train is running late or you need to call the police from a cell phone. Why is it such a problem to get better reception? is there a need for better cell towers? Or is Oak Park so stuck in its vintage mindset that meeting the requirements of today’s average human being is just that hard or impossible to fathom?


How do the people of oak park function do they go to WiFi hot spots? However, they do it why is it  such a challenge when Oak Park is located next to a so-called world class city like Chicago it should be better than this no?



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