HEFTY storage containers are shit!

So when you think of Hefty you think of those Hefty John Cena commercials and also you think strong and tough, well I bought a HEFTY storage container to try it out. The way these storage containers are designed you should be able to stack them upon one another. WRONG!!!

If you take a look at the pictures I took of this FORMER Hefty Storage container you will see that it cracked major league on the side of the container. I have been able to use Sterlite containers in the same stacking order as I used this HEFTY container but those containers did not crack like this one. I mean you may get a dip in the lid but the container itself NEVER cracked.

I was going to use this and another HEFTY container for moving purposes but since this container cannot take the weight of the items I previously had in the Sterlite containers, and mind you they are just sitting in the corner of a room. Not being moved around, not being tossed around and not being rearranged like I am have OCD. Just sitting there. So I cannot commit this item to hopefully moving my stuff in the upcoming future because it is about as strong as my mother’s dog and its willpower in resisting the temptation of eating a hotdog dropped on her patio during a BBQ.

So I recommend if you are going to store precious items either in storage or for the purpose of moving in plastic storage containers please, please, do not buy the HEFTY brand storage container I have pictured here that I purchased at Target. Thank you.

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