Farmer’s Market in Oak Park, Il is great but..

The one thing that is great about Old Park, I mean Oak Park is the Farmer’s Market at the Pilgrim Congregational Church’s Parking Lot.

I love the organic products that the many vendors offer. But the event is in a parking lot, across the street from a full athletic field. Did you catch that, a parking lot!

The chaos occurs due to the small space that the event occurs in, as well as the lack of parking in the area if you try to drive to it the event. Which makes sense, considering there is a lack of parking everywhere in Oak Park.

You would think that there will be a group of Oak Park officers to add structure to the chaos, to direct traffic around the event, to help with… something.

But these avatars of justice are nowhere to be seen, and traffic around the event is a mess. Meaning that you will need to take a bus, bike, or walk into this event, getting all sweaty and nasty before you even enter this small parking lot.

If you are like me where travelling is more than half the battle, the event easily becomes not worth it. If you do suck it up, you are already exhausted as you are walking around, trying to navigate the tight crowds… joyful.

And then, the thoughts go to the trip back home, (after the trip there and the tight parking lot), the trip back…. not the delightful weekend event I prefer to sign up for, all because Oak Park cannot find a better venue or regulate the parking in the area. (Sigh).

PS: Lincoln Park does have more space, but has ample and easier ways to get to their Farmers Market event. I just think that Oak Park wants the idea of the event, but not for it to be successful as it is in other areas in Chicagoland. As always Oak Park would rather focus on the ascetic instead of the substance or effectiveness of this event, yeah I just ranted again about parking in Oak Park, see a pattern?