24 hour Parking stickers in Oak Park, IL

One of the biggest problems in Oak Park, Il is of course parking. Second to that then is getting the sticker for your car in person, and do not do what I did and try to fall for their pure bullshit campaign of attempting to get the coveted: 24-hour-park-anywhere-in-your-zone sticker! I did once and what a fool was I! The line reached out the door of the municipal/village building, and I was there at 6am in the morning trying to get the elusive 24-hour sticker. Again this is Oak Park, IL spreading the illusion of a sticker that normal residents cannot get. In fact, my neighbor works for the village and he has a 24 sticker on his car, I have also noticed a few people with 24-hour stickers wearing clothes that have an Oak Park departmental logo on them. Meaning, they, the owners of the vehicles with the

Again this is Oak Park, IL spreading the illusion of a sticker that normal residents cannot get. In fact, my neighbor works for the village and he has a 24 sticker on his car, I have also noticed a few people with 24-hour stickers wearing clothes that have an Oak Park departmental logo on them. Meaning, they, the owners of the vehicles with the 24-hour stickers, work for the village so employees get first come no one served??

At this point like any sane person, I am trying to get the hell away from such craziness and away from here if I can. Hopefully, I am wrong and some residents who do not work for the village or have no relatives that do actually get this elusive sticker but everywhere I drive I see automobiles with either a “Night” sticker or a “Day” sticker (or even both) that’s it, making this 24-hour sticker very unique.

Why would the village even sell these stickers when it goes against some of the parking rules in certain areas? When it puts a spotlight on the stupidity of having the streets clear but for one or two cars at night?

When I paid for my sticker the cashier made a joke that “Oak Park is known as No Park, but that’s not true…” I am starting to think she was lying to me! Because if the lack of these 24-hour stickers are an indication of anything it just emphasizes the lack of common sense for zoning, and parking restrictions in Oak Park, IL, plus it shows that there is preferential treatment for a select few. Obviously, by all the other opinion pieces out there, I am not the only one that thinks this a mess, comment as you like.

PS: I would like to really know if someone who (again) not related to a city worker got one of those 24-hour stickers!


The Changing Face of Oak Park, IL

Oak Park, Il and the mayor are moving ahead with redeveloping the Oak Park Ave-Madison Ave corner for commercial usage. After reading some of the comments it does not look that the citizens of Oak Park, Il are pleased with this development. Some are not happy with their input not being taken into account, some residents are furious that Oak Park, Il is changing in ways they do not approve of.

The mayor Abu-Taleb, on the other hand, is happy as a pig in shit about it, funny reading the article, the author states the mayor lives nearby to this site, ah…… so do I smell a “pork” project in the works? Maybe a rise in property values for the Mayor with the start of this new construction project being so close to the Mayor’s residence? Man I wish like most of the people who commented on this article that I was a fly on the old wall hearing the details about this deal!

Sounds like there will finally be some economic development in Oak Park, IL (something I bitch about) but not the type that helps small businesses or gives a damn about the residents. Thank you, Oak Park, IL for proving me right again that this little village is full of hypocritical bullshit HA! It seems like a clash in two extreme ideals of what is needed in Oak Park, IL people who want to keep Oak Park, IL back in the 1950’s in every way and another side that wants to sell the whole damn place off to a select few (what is sometimes called ”special interests”). Glad I know so that I can start my exodus sooner than later.

The issue of transparency amongst the village officials in Oak Park, IL is the heart of this article and I recommend reading it (what??) because usually come election time, and this is the piece that will remind you come election time, not to vote for these dirt bags. Let’s be realistic, voters tend to forget about who sold them out on issues such as this, and rather just listen to those same officials telling them what they want to hear.

I mean these officials are talking about narrowing the traffic lanes on Madison Ave are you going to be outraged now and election time or after you have taken that adjusted Madison Ave for five years straight cussing to yourself in your car that they should do something about it?

I did my part in activism for you punk bastards and post this to the site and I am waiting approval for my questions:

“So the first thing I would like to know before anything is how will village officials deal with the increase of traffic in the area? Second, with this new construction there will be a need for more parking spaces, what will be done to address that need?”

I feel these are legitimate questions that should be answered before going ahead with any proposal for this site. I am not sure if the Oakpark.com will post them or not (they hate me) …I wonder why? But hey complain and let your voice be heard don’t let Oak Park, Il break you down…


Oak Park, IL does not care about parking, it wants a pool even cartoons make fun of them.

Instead of worrying about the parking issues in the village or anything else it seems the Oak Park, Il is following its neighborhood Chicago, into the depths of corruption and is determined to use public taxpayer fund to pay for a new pool. A pool that only probably 1% of the 1% of Oak Park, Il’s entire population will use. It is even fleshed out in the local commentary cartoon “Scrubtown” on August 17th 2016


If you read the comments section of this cartoon, the readers reinforce the obvious Oak Park, IL does not care about the obvious issues that plague its residents or reenters, in fact, it rather creates “pork projects that make no sense.


This is not what Oak Park, IL tries to portray themselves to the outside world but it proves what I have been stating all along that this village has no common sense at all. It runs of pretentious bullshit and total disdain for its fellows, its own neighbors that live in this microcosm of disillusionment. What a waste.

Oak Park, IL shows its true colors when it comes to parking by not approving improvements to parking garage

You know when you search google.com for parking in Oak Park, IL you see various articles that reflect the attitudes to parking here. For example, the parking attitude regarding the deteriorating parking garage for the Oak Park/River Forest high school is “why pay for a survey on the safety of the garage?” this can be taken two ways, in examining the board’s attitude whether it is

  1. why spend extra money after we know it’s a mess so why not tear it down? or
  2. it is still standing so why worry?

The fact that there is not straight forward opinion or decision makes this vague statement even more stressing, will action take place even some tragedy happens or is there something some action in place? The lack of attention to the parking situation even at a local high school is a unique look into the mindset of Oak Park, IL decision makers. Mentioning a swimming pool during the argument of turning down a survey regarding the safety of the garage is mind blowing, to me it says “hey lets focus on this pool instead..” which is very scary to me.

It just means that parking out here is just not a priority, no matter what the municipal organization here in Oak Park, IL when guess what? It really should be and this is one village that should be committed to creating parking everywhere in this small village! Whether that parking it is at the high schools in the area to the side streets where people are landlocked (without garages) and have various issues because of it, parking should be a priority.

Oak Park, IL is not Chicago and they make sure that we all know it, but why does this village have more issues regarding parking than downtown Chicago? I may have had almost as many issues regarding parking in Oak park, IL as I have when visiting my old haunts in Lakeview or the Gold Coast. But not as many issues why? Because there are parking garages down there and it is a major metropolitan city, here in a small suburb of that city there should not be that problem, looking at the ambiguous decision by the local school board as an example, I see why there are such issues. It is obvious that frivolous ascetic projects reign over projects that are guided by common sense and solve real major issues.

Schering, Steve (2016) “OPRF board declines further parking garage evaluation” June 16, 2016 Chicago Tribune


Parking in Oak Park: “Zoning fairness” LOL

I am so glad to see that the non-residents, the renters are not the only ones that have to deal with Oak Park. Il’s craziness when it comes to parking and zoning issues. From this opinion piece, even residents have issues with getting a fair shake about parking in Oak Park, Il how crazy is that? In this article:

It’s time for zoning fairness http://www.oakpark.com/News/Articles/6-21-2016/It’s-time-for-zoning-fairness/

The issue that the writer brings up regarding “planning decisions made a hundred years ago” is soooo Oak Park, IL everywhere you look there is something that seems to be out of place with modern day requirements whether it’s parking, street length, etc., There is always someone as this author states, is being denied their rights in Oak Park, Il the same rights as everyone else has just due to the “aesthetics” Oak Park, IL wants to maintain. Change is hard, and in Oak Park, IL it is even harder because everyone knows that the author should have easy access to parking as every one of his neighbors,

But that may mean cutting down a tree, or increasing the width of the street and carving up a couple feet of lawn to make these alterations. From what I have experienced here in Oak Park, IL I doubt that the author’s neighbors are up for that! I doubt they want to see those changes put into effect, because that you see will change their property as well, and being in Oak Park, Il means not what is fair, but the whole “me me me” attitude I previously spoke about. It means that these neighbors would lose what is special about them, it means that they would be equal to the author and that just cannot happen.

I think that if the author had the support of his block maybe a letter to the editor would not be his only option, maybe he could start a petition that shows that his neighbors are okay with the actions he is proposing and the local government may act. But again, there is a need for support and from what I see around here, people like things just like it was 1899. They do not want to change, they do not want to help their neighbor’s out of a jam, their attitudes seem to damper the potential of what this village could be.

I wonder if this author had an online petition to change the parking rules would anyone on his block, or in the village for that matter, sign it? Would anyone contact the author and lend him their support? At this point I kind of doubt, it, even though this is America where we root for the underdog. This is still, Oak Park, IL, the village where change is hard to come by, especially if that change is layered in common sense. Oak Park, IL is known as “No Park” for a reason and this article gives us another example of why it is.

Construction-Oak Park, IL style

Construction, Construction, Construction, Oak park is redoing its” downtown” area twenty years too late! I put quotation marks around the “downtown” because the haphazard block of business and empty storefronts are not really a “downtown” if you think about it. In fact, with all the empty storefronts why is Oak Park committed to opening more places for storefronts?

I mean it’s great they are finally getting to the 21st century and developing their small crusty village for economic growth, but why not work with the owners of those properties to fill those empty spots first, then work on the new development of additional store fronts? Seems like common sense left Oak Park a long time ago, maybe the local government is making a killing now that the housing market is a bit better than before. Hey, maybe they just woke up and realized that you cannot keep taxing and creating fees for everything on the planet and sustain growth or the status quo as it is.

Side note: Yeah they even have a “newsletter” to terrorize residents (homeowners and renters alike) about the various fees they have to pay every month. Whichever is the case it is going to look very awkward with these bright big new buildings and their new storefronts across the street from these old buildings and empty storefronts!

Maybe it is just the college education kicking in, making me wonder how they will sustain growth or make the area attractive to customers when they have all these empty spaces. Hopefully, Oak Park will stop the patchwork design of economic development and get it together to make it cohesive enough to the eye and the pocketbook of the average consumer.

Oak Park disgruntled-not alone

I was parked out in front of my building, getting stuff out my car the other day, after shopping at the local Walmart in Forest Park (which is hell), when this guy came out from the apartment building across the street.

He lumbered into his car, started it up, pulled out carefully, and drove to the corner and made a U-turn at the intersection to park behind my car.

He got out of the car, and said to me: “it’s crazy that you have to move your car every two hours! It’s just stupid, how they do things out here!” I agreed and he went back into his building.

Two things:

1. I wish I got his name so I could have quoted him!

2. So it is not just me that feels that Oak Park is one of the dumbest burbs on the planet when it comes to residential parking. Thank God I am not alone!