Protests in the streets/#BlackoutTuesday

I wanted to post a couple of the articles on 6/2/2020 but out of respect for the #BlackoutTuesday and what happened to George Floyd that did not happen. The protests on the streets really increased the probability of spreading the coronavirus but the logic of protesting during the pandemic is that if the virus would not kill you then police brutality can.  Therefore, going out to downtown Chicago to protest with a few hundred people with the threat of the coronavirus is nothing and pales in comparison. Because even if you survive one as a POC you are under threat from another life-threatening problem. Add to that the systemic racism that POCs face on a daily basis also eliminates multiple chances for a better and healthier life.

Being out in the streets is reminiscent of the films I have seen of the protests of the 1960s. The same issues back then persist now, and it is true, no one cares unless their money is impacted, and then people all of the sudden seem to care. Exactly like back in the sixties! I do not condone looting but protesting in major business areas to promote social justice and putting a pause to the “normal” of our society is necessary. Especially if that normal is not right.

Hopefully, Oak Park, Il will take off its false veneer and join this fight. And when I say that, I mean everyone, young and old, of all races, and faiths included just stand up for equality for everyone, everywhere.

Oak Park, IL and the coronavirus

It seems like Oak Park, Il cannot keep itself out of the COVID-19’s way week after week there are new cases much like everywhere else. Surprising that the way Oak Park, Il carries itself as a place “upon a golden hill” so this pandemic is a blow to its image. Making the village like everywhere else in the world. Hopefully, things will get better and a cure will be found. However, the residents of Oak Park, IL are as bad as those people you see crowding the beaches in Florida.

People have a selfish need to congregate and “be around others” regardless of the impact. Back in the day past generations knew of the meaning of sacrifice, so today’s excuses of “needing” others is just weak. More than that the lack of testing available does not help, but when you stay your ass at home and avoid face to face interactions we could be beyond this mess. Unfortunately, Oak Park, IL does not have the common sense to figure this little clue out.

Here are some articles that talk about the virus still spreading:

The businesses in the Oak Park, IL area are stepping up

The businesses in the Oak Park, IL area are stepping up in this new climate to try their best to stay aloft. I made a post about how one business in Oak Park, IL One Stop Comics, made a go fund me page to pay their expenses.

Now I see that on Facebook they are still promoting the go fund me page, but also a (new?) Website for the store to purchase comics, graphic novels and other comic related memorabilia, online which is a sign of the times for most retailers. A lot of retailers are trying to mirror Amazon by doing increasing their market presence online and doing away with the old-fashioned brick and mortar way of doing business (face to face). The same holds true for restaurants in the area.

One business Taco Bros. Which was new on the scene, at least for me, is promoting constantly online that they are open and are taking orders as you read this. Most restaurants in Oak Park, Il base their business model on the average restaurant experience. Experience is the main word here of emphasis, customers go to most restaurants for the experience. And once in a while customers, “play” with take out, and there are a few restaurants in Oak Park, IL, I’m that deal with just that side of the business.

This was obviously before the pandemic, now restaurants must depend on take out or delivery as the main source of revenue. As you heard via the news, a lot of scrutiny is being placed on businesses such as door dash because customers and restaurants presently are highly depending on such services as the middleman for their continued interactions.

With issues occurring with this, organizations are building their own online and delivery channels and actively marketing to the public to maintain revenue. When businesses like Taco Bros or One Stop Comics are going online and saying “hey we are still here” as a community we should respond with our $$$.


Taco Bros online menu:

Order from Taco Bros through DoorDash:

The new One Stop Comics website that you can order online from:

Happy Memorial Day! 2020

Happy Memorial Day!

Hopefully you are social distancing staying your ass at home, barbecuing by yourself or those who live with you. And you are not out and about exposing yourself to corona or exposing others to the virus.

This year holidays are weird due to the virus, but we are still Americans, still have the majority of our rights, and can celebrate those who served to keep those rights alive, but with social distancing as responsible individuals.

So happy memorial day be responsible stay home don’t blow your fingers off with firecrackers and stay safe… At home.


Here are some links discussing Memorial Day and what it really is about; ie: not about you drinking all day and partying like a fool:


Ugh I hate the Best buy in Melrose park can it go somewhere?

With the coronavirus hitting a ton of businesses like a brick to head, there are some businesses that are getting their long due desserts. I mean Pier 1, JC Penney, these businesses are blaming the closing of their stores due to covid 19. When really, they have been failing for a long time. Before the virus they blamed customers choosing Amazon and online shopping over their brick and mortar stores.

But damn, whose fault is it that they did not a bigger online presence, better sales or prices, have better customer service? Excuses like this is what these big box stores use to explain their bad behavior, bad business decisions, and lack of changing their organizational behavior to please their customer base.

This is harder for small businesses to do due to a lack or resources, but big box stores have more resources, more money and more chances to make things right to build, maintain and increase their customer base.

For me as an example there is nothing that will have me shed any tears of the Melrose park Best Buy location. The service there is crap, the employees seem to be apathetic and the product displays were horribly presented. I thought if I have to go there since it was closer to oak park than Best Buys north riverside location I would order online. I bought a specific item online, got the email confirming purchase, then received an email that the item was ready. Everything was good to go I got in the car, drove over there, and in the parking lot I got an email stating the item was no longer available and my order cancelled. Cannot get that with Amazon Lol!

Ever since then if I buy anything from Best Buy, which is once in a blue moon I go all the way to the north riverside location. As bad as losing 90,000 plus people is, if the corona “wants” to impact anything, it could impact this best buy location like it did JC Penney or Pier 1. And unfortunately, the organization like the others I mentioned would not have the class, or sense to take responsibility for their bad business decisions. They would foolishly blame this virus, when it’s really their own damn fault. Girl bye.

HP note book piece of crap erased my Oak Park, IL blog posts

Part of the problem with writing or doing anything online is having a dependable device to do so. I have to admit I stumbled a bit in my last couple of purchases not being a huge tech person I bought a 3 in 1 desktop and a hp notebook to do my main stuff on. I thought buying these with Windows 10 already on them I would be able to phase out my old windows 7 desktop with no problem. I was totally wrong.

I wrote at least 30 plus posts in my windows 10 Hewlett Packard notebook and lost them due to some shitty windows 10 update. This windows 10 update basically needed to have 1 gb more space that the notebook had to offer. Being a notebook, I did not think that I would need a lot of space. But the windows 10 update one started made the notebook inoperable I could not save anything or open any of the programs on the notebook at all.

This goes back to the 30 posts I wrote on the damn thing all of those posts lost… it was heartbreaking and hard as hell to come back from. As a result of This incident i opened up multiple free storage accounts online and transferred all the stuff I did had to external storage (physical). Never again would I buy a hp notebook.

The argument could be made for a Mac if my iPad did freeze and become unusable during this same time. It is as if you are damned if you do damned if you don’t. I added pictures of the piece of shit hp notebook so you can see the model number, etc. And do not make the same mistake I did with this fucking piece of shit.

Forest Preserve closures near the Oak Park, IL area

Just so you know that the Memorial Day weekend will have closures at the local Forest preserves. This is so that you idiots who like to congregate and spread disease together without a care for anyone else will not have these various venues to go to. They authorities are urging people to stay at home and enjoy themselves there. Obviously, it is a shame that the local authorities have to tell local residents this but since people are complete morons such measures must be taken.

These areas include the Dan Ryan Woods and Schiller Woods which are pretty close to here, I am surprised the Thatcher woods was not mentioned. Of course, we need at least one place for “cruising” LOL You know we will get someone wanting to push the “envelope” and complain or protest physically at our local forest preserves and thereby putting themselves, local first responders, and everyone in jeopardy. By hey these people feel “oppressed” and will go ahead and move forward with putting their stupidity into action.

When in reality, these people should just stay at home to enjoy the holiday. Maybe they should also read a book, or google some moments in time that dealt with oppression like the “trail of tears” or maybe the American internment camps of the 1940’s. Then and maybe then these idiots will get a slight idea what it means to be oppressed.

Here is the article discussing the closures of the local forest preserves:

More Cook County Forest Preserve Parking Lots to Close for Memorial Day Weekend


No fourth of July for Oak Park, IL due to COVID-19

The Fourth of July parade and fireworks has been cancelled!

Due to COVID-19 and the social distancing rules that we know residents will not obey there will not be a parade nor fireworks. Now is this really an issue?

I mean does freedom need to be celebrated with blowing up shit, shooting guns in the air and walking down a tight ass street up someone’s ass? Nah. The Fourth is just a day. America is us. We do not need a parade or fireworks to prove it.

This is the article regarding no Fourth of July:

Job (local) market sucking when we come back

I reached out to a buddy of mine, which is one of the things you do when you are on lockdown. But what he told me, pretty much sucked. It has gotten me wondering what kind of work environment we can expect when things start to open up. And what kind of attitude we can expect from employers. Here is a sample of his Ims:

  • Well, I was supposed to restart my job as a recruiter on Monday but that was a no go. So full story: I have been laid off since 3/18 just as abrupt as hell. I was told I would be off for two weeks, so I did not apply for unemployment immediately so after the two-week mark and hearing NOTHING I applied for it, and its great as shit. Fast forward to 3/1 I get a call at 11:18 am about restarting but it went to voicemail because hell I have been off for a month and I was NOT expecting a call this early into this corona mess.
  • I went to sleep late that day and gotten woken up by the construction downstairs at 6 something then went back to sleep. So, I actually found out that I had this message at 10 pm at night and was like I will call early in the morning Saturday and send an email about stating I was open for coming back. They got back to me Monday (4th) and said they were not sure about when the training would start maybe Thursday or so etc.
  • The project manager calls me like Tuesday saying they are still hammering out the details for Thursday, but I should hear something soon about training. Then Thursday rolls around (the original recruiter who contacted me, says that the client is going with a smaller group than before and I won’t start but maybe in a second group at a later date. Then she says “Just enjoy the unemployment while it has that extra.. for now,” Honestly I could not remember anything after that because I saw red. Like anyone fully enjoys unemployment. But that is what is happening on my job front.

(PS: He told me it was okay to add this to my post)

But with all that being said, will the job market be an employer’s market or an employee’s market once again? However, from what he said (above) it seems like some employers have an idea in their head that they are the be all, end all. Believing that this corona virus has made it an employer’s market once again, therefore can act like a bunch of idiots to individual employees once again.

And the idea that people are happy on unemployment due to this crisis is just ridiculous. This is the same company that he stated had a bed bug problem in their main office, not once but multiple times. Obviously, they do not give shit about employee safety, mental health, and economic well-being. This type of attitude will trickle-down if one business “sees” or “hears” another business acting a certain way, many will follow.  Leading to unsafe measures being taken at the workplace and needlessly disregarding COVID (safety) guidelines just to make a buck, I think, we will soon see this attitude at a business near you.

United flying full flights has got me worried about Oak Park, IL

Yeah, after seeing the article about how United packed a flight full of passengers I am not sure if I am flying for awhile after the lockdown subsides. United has stated that they have “empty middle seats” but the photos that have been listed online show otherwise. If there are any trips in my near future, I am going on road trips so that I am not in a closed recycled air environment. The flights were bad enough with no leg room and having people on sitting top of one another.

The idea that a company like United would state that they would not fill middle seats on their flights, and going ahead to doing so without backlash, is just stupid. I am not going into various venues here in Oak Park, IL when there is a reduction in lockdown measures as is. But I will not go into a plane with a those few idiots who want to travel while sick and yes, there are still people like that. It is not worth the extra hours saved in travel if you lose your life.

Here is the article talking about United packing people into one of their flights during the pandemic: