Vote D200 Yes to OPRFHS Referendum: I was sent another fucking card!

Okay, now we are really pushing it. The fact of the matter is that OPRFHS is a pain in my ass, I received yet ANOTHER card about that stupid pool referendum Vote D200 Yes my ass. You know this being an election year we are continuously being bombarded about political messages so it is enough to hear all that shit (no matter how you vote) but to have some bureaucratic agency adding to it is just some sour shit. Do they think by sending some bs about their frivolous project will help garner votes?

Honestly looking at the card all they state as winners are the students, THEN the OP-RF residents, HA! Basically putting the taxpaying residents second, in other words, thank God I rent so I do not have to foot the bill for this shit. But hey I do vote and I do not appreciate such badgering, you do not steamroll someone into voting your way. All that breeds is resentment and then when election time comes up for local government positions in Oak Park, IL, those pissed off residents who still harbor that resentment will vote upon that convictions. Hopefully to appoint new Board members and not have things like this happen again.

A few points:

  • When you state “don’t be fooled” and state your points, unless you are a blogger like myself you want to word your points as if you are stating facts not opinion. Meaning “Actual pool cost is $21.m (Not “37.3m”) attitude much? Having an attitude does not win me over, ugly is just ugly, and I vote against it all the time.
  • The whole card or message is trying to frame this “us” mentality after they already went ahead and voted to try to move ahead with the project they wanted. It is on the ballot because the residents do not want it in the first place. The board did this on their own now they suffer for it.
  • Have you ever heard of an extensive street resurfacing project being voted on by residents, no? Exactly because something like that is necessary, this project is not. How will this benefit the taxpaying residents there is no mention or details if you have time to make two different flyers and send them out before the before the vote you have enough time to specifically state the benefits.
  • This card reveals a Freudian slip in the order they state the “winners” of this project by putting the TAXPAYERS, the resident last, they should have been first. In fact, if you are trying to win funding from someone in the real world you tell that group how it would benefit the community and/or the patrons, not how it would benefit you. Ask any kid their weight in gold when they are asking for a new car. The ones that are successful bring up how they will be less of a burden to their parents, there is no mention of benefits to them. The ones that are not successful are the ones stating how they are going cruising to hookup, pick up their friends to get high or go to underage parties that no parents are involved and there are tons of alcohol. Which is basically what this group is doing.
  • Quotation marks used throughout the whole presentation of the facts, just shows the level of frustration that is underlining this group’s efforts. I am kind of surprised this is coming from representatives of an educational institution but then again I am not.

I can vote in Oak Park, Il and I rent so this taxing really does not mean shit to me HAHA but I will vote no, so this group win or lose can suck it. Oh one more point they state the actual pool cost is 21.4millon, but in today’s day and age have you ever heard of any construction project coming in at or under the proposed budget? Yeah very rarely, and I doubt this project will be at just 21.4 million but I am not worried I am not paying for it.

Just saying NO to the Mailing for the Vote yes Referendum Card I was sent

Oh so I got home and checked my mail and got one of these Vote Yes on 200 the Oak Park River Forest High School Referendum telling me about the Tax cost per Household (annual Property tax Bill) and how it will greatly impact the students of OPRFHS plus the benefits that THEY, the students will reap. Geez, glad I rent over in this bitch and do not own property, I mean it seems like a small group of government or legislative idiots pushing through a measure that will cost the majority of residents a huge ton of cash, in which only a few select individuals will be able to use.

I wonder will residents be able to show their tax bill and use the pool if they want? I mean they will have at least a couple grand invested into this thing by the time it’s done right? Oh it also expands areas for the Performing Arts, which is usually for any school is first set of programs they eliminated if there are budget holes LOL! Does every resident get a free ticket for a concert since they are being forced to pay for the pool? I mean it’s like Windows 10 where Microsoft tried to stuff it down every PC owners that only to have it be rejected by the vast majority of users. Here in Oak Park, Il you have the majority of residents REJECTING the idea of this expensive ass pool.

Probably because like me they do not see the need for the extra expense is needed, nor do they think the extra add-on is necessary there is not a convincing argument for the majority of the residents to add on an extra line cost to their already tightened and taxed household budgets. How about they do not have any kids that go to the school? Maybe they have pets instead of kids, because they do not want any because they do not want the extra expense, or maybe these residents cannot have any? Thanks OPRFHS for pushing this agenda on these groups of residents. How about those residents that are single or maybe even elderly and/or their kids are in college now so they see no need to keep assisting OPRFHS anymore?

I mean doesn’t enough of our taxes go to schools and it seems there are still issues of funding? I think that statement is reflective of most, not all, of the school districts in the Chicagoland area. But to have a school board that just wants to tax the residents for frivolous expenses for things the majority of the residents do not believe is necessary is why I got this stupid card. I mean I did not get a card from the vote NO to 200 group at all you know what that means? It means that the support is there, to vote NO, not to vote YES In other words, it is like when you go over your friend’s house and their little dog runs up to you as you come into the door and starts humping your leg savagely. It’s gross and annoying, just leave me alone.

Vote 200

Now I have been seeing signs all around the village regarding “Vote yes on D200” or “Vote No on D220” and personally I wondered what the hell it was. So I first went to Facebook and found two Facebook pages dedicated to two separate movements to approve and construct a new pool and to fight against the construction of a new pool for Oak park, Il and River Forest, Il. Personally I did not give a shit because I do not swim, and furthermore the idea of wading in a public cesspool of chlorine-drenched, pissed filled water does not excite me.

Before I go on here are the Facebook pages for each:

Either way I hate to own property in this fucking village, and I am glad that I rent, so I have the option to leave. But on August 1st at a special meeting Oak Park, Il’s District 200 school board voted to install a pool, from what I understand without too much resident feedback. Then on August 16th they voted on a cheaper plan either way why these kids need a pool when parking and other things are major issues in the village and not every resident has kids, wasting taxpayer dollars on this is beyond me. Considering that the plan will raise taxes up to $190 per year in some way who really gives a shit.

I do have to mention that there are three plans floating around and plan B (plan dos) has a mention of a parking garage which would stoke anyone with a parking hangover from the poor city planning of Oak Park, IL. However, it does mean that even the school board acknowledges the parking issues in Oak Park, Il so why building a pool is in the best interest of the village is beyond me. In fact, there is a pending referendum coming up to be voted on, since a majority of the residents do not like any of the plans as mentioned in a recent article on the subject I wonder why anyone in the leading government bodies in Oak Park, IL is letting it get this far?

Oh I forgot this is Oak Park, Il and it majors in focusing upon the unreasonable, and the unimportant, give me a friggin referendum on the Nov 8th ballot about construction of some parking garages around the village and see what happens. To me this is just an exercise in poor judgment. Classic Oak Park, IL.

This is the article I previously mentioned regarding the parking garage/pool construction:

Proof that People in Oak Park, IL are full of themselves, assholes.

I read this article while google searching “who in the hell is stupid to love Oak Park, IL” and man did I laugh hard! Holy Shit! I had no idea the people here in Oak Park, IL are this full of shit! If someone stated that they read this article and if I knew the author or do I live in Oak Park, IL I would run the other way. Seriously.

Don’t get me wrong the author does mention some of the reasons that many people have left, like high taxes, the problems with congestion, and the various issues with parking and states that they emphasize with those who hate Oak Park because of it. But then focuses the majority of the article upon those who hate Oak Park, IL because of the betterment it represents and feel “guilty”… say what? LOL The author states “that many talked integration…” and then “walked it..” like him, (I hear amazing grace in my head right now) I glad he states that “be smug and self-righteous about our decision to live here…” Furthermore, that many of the residents are in Oak Park, Il because of shared values of integration and diversity and they are proud of it and of course there are haters to this stance.

Now, these were pieces of the article I laughed my ass off, because the majority of residents look at minorities like they do not belong in Oak Park, Il if they are in Oak Park, Il it is because of some housing mandate that guarantees that illusion but nothing more. I think this author forgets the old adage that “pride comes before the fall…” because this pride does not translate into action, it translates into the ignorance that we see every day in Oak Park, Il. I do not see people engaging minorities or being basically nice to anyone, just a sense of entitlement that is fluffed up by this pride that they helped those poor black kids.

No, hating Oak Park, IL is not feeling guilty because one is not a part of this self-delusional group that they are morally right over everyone else, the hate is about the high taxes, f-ed up traffic, crazy parking rules and costs, and upon that dealing with idiots who think it is alright to be pretentious because they helped out the unfortunate. No that is not hating what it is, is just recognizing silliness and the hypocrites around it and denying it every day of the week. If that is being “guilty” then that is what I am PROUD to be, because I feel that Oak Park, IL is full of shit and reeks of it, do not pee on me and say its raining.

Here is the hilarious article in question:

The Changing Face of Oak Park, IL

Oak Park, Il and the mayor are moving ahead with redeveloping the Oak Park Ave-Madison Ave corner for commercial usage. After reading some of the comments it does not look that the citizens of Oak Park, Il are pleased with this development. Some are not happy with their input not being taken into account, some residents are furious that Oak Park, Il is changing in ways they do not approve of.

The mayor Abu-Taleb, on the other hand, is happy as a pig in shit about it, funny reading the article, the author states the mayor lives nearby to this site, ah…… so do I smell a “pork” project in the works? Maybe a rise in property values for the Mayor with the start of this new construction project being so close to the Mayor’s residence? Man I wish like most of the people who commented on this article that I was a fly on the old wall hearing the details about this deal!

Sounds like there will finally be some economic development in Oak Park, IL (something I bitch about) but not the type that helps small businesses or gives a damn about the residents. Thank you, Oak Park, IL for proving me right again that this little village is full of hypocritical bullshit HA! It seems like a clash in two extreme ideals of what is needed in Oak Park, IL people who want to keep Oak Park, IL back in the 1950’s in every way and another side that wants to sell the whole damn place off to a select few (what is sometimes called ”special interests”). Glad I know so that I can start my exodus sooner than later.

The issue of transparency amongst the village officials in Oak Park, IL is the heart of this article and I recommend reading it (what??) because usually come election time, and this is the piece that will remind you come election time, not to vote for these dirt bags. Let’s be realistic, voters tend to forget about who sold them out on issues such as this, and rather just listen to those same officials telling them what they want to hear.

I mean these officials are talking about narrowing the traffic lanes on Madison Ave are you going to be outraged now and election time or after you have taken that adjusted Madison Ave for five years straight cussing to yourself in your car that they should do something about it?

I did my part in activism for you punk bastards and post this to the site and I am waiting approval for my questions:

“So the first thing I would like to know before anything is how will village officials deal with the increase of traffic in the area? Second, with this new construction there will be a need for more parking spaces, what will be done to address that need?”

I feel these are legitimate questions that should be answered before going ahead with any proposal for this site. I am not sure if the will post them or not (they hate me) …I wonder why? But hey complain and let your voice be heard don’t let Oak Park, Il break you down…

Wondering about that Rats-Dog poop correlation in Oak Park, IL

I was watching The Channel 5 news and they had this segment about fighting rats in the city of Chicago, that is bordering Oak park, il, with dry ice instead of the conventional bait poison they usually throw down when the residents’ report see rats to 311. And being a hater of rats, yes I do not think the “Black Death” in the middle ages was a good thing, sorry, I listened up.

One of the things that caught my ear was the fact that the head of Streets and Sanitation mentioned during the press conference that if residents could clean up their dog’s poop as it would help immensely. I tried to find the video clip of the Head of Streets and Sanitation stating that on the NBC 5 website but could not find it anywhere this is close as I came:

Chicago unveils new way to get rid of rats: Dry ice

That was from WGN Chicago’s website, but anyway it got me to thinking about Oak Park, IL and how the resident dog owners hardly pick up their animal’s poop even when there are actual signs posted to remind them to do so. I wondered how my neighbors, especially in this complex can attract rats with their laziness and straight up ignorance. My management company Greenplan management does not really regulate this issue at all, only charging the renter extra for their pet, nothing in regards to picking up dog shit, which in turn can be a health hazard and also become nasty ass rat bait.

Although I agree with the argument that it is hard for the company to catch these offenders I actually had no problem doing so, because these owners are so blatant about it. Hell, I hate to give ideas for making revenue to the village of Oak Park, Il or Green plan management because they are two entities that are complete idiots but why not raise the fees in areas that have a huge rat problem due to dog shit being left by the local dog owners.

Now that would make people wake up, to the issue, hell if I was going to be punished because my neighbor is a slob I would turn that mofo in five ways from Sunday! Obviously, if this head of the Streets and Sanitation in freakin Chicago, Il knows this is a problem then finding out who the lazy ass dog owners are should be easy. You know as a former dog owner I wanted to make sure this statement was true since I did not see it in later broadcasts, but I did find a number of sites online mentioning how dog poop attracts rats.

This is one of those (blog) websites:

So with so many websites stating this as a fact, and not trying to find out myself due to my hatred of rats and I do not like playing with dog shit I will defer to sites like this that the Sanitation’s guy statement was dead on. I hate to say it but this type of article only inflames my hatred for the lazy ass dog owners in Oak Park, Il. Those who either leave their pet’s shit on a neighbor’s grass and don’t pick it up or they pick up the poop and do not properly dispose of it! Meaning they do not throw in the garbage can, they just drop it on the ground outside their apartment entrance in the courtyard we both share. Ugh Nasty bitches.

I hope they bring this program to Oak Park, IL because this action is a whole lot easier than trying to change the cultural mindset of the lazy ass dog owners of Oak Park, Il. Seriously.


Signage in Oak Park, IL

I had to comment on this article on the original site because I was looking up information regarding how Oak Park, IL determines its signage and ran across this craziness:

I personally think that Oak Park, Il has way TOO much signage or maybe even that Oak Park, IL has too much, of the wrong signage instead of worrying about people not parking on Tuesday between 8am to 10 am, how about directions to downtown Oak Park, Il from other parts of the village? Maybe even signage regarding directions (as the article states) to where one can get to the modes of transportation that connected to Oak Park, IL to the outside world. This would bring outside (of Oak Park, IL) consumer dollars into Oak Park, IL and may even alleviate some of the traffic woes it faces on a daily basis.

I mean the village of Oak Park, IL made this big thing about joining the Divvy Bike Program, however as this article states there is no signage regarding it? Huh? Does that make a lot of sense or does it seem like a bunch of taxpayer dollars being thrown away, again by Oak Park, IL?

The good thing about this proposal is that nothing is binding considering the fiscal mess that the state of Illinois is in, is creating more and revamping the signage of Oak Park, IL really a huge priority? How about getting some of the construction sites around the area completed first, then worry about how pretty the signs in Oak Park, IL look, second?

But of course appearance is everything in Oak Park, IL, regardless of how chaotic and rotten everything else is, so long as it is what we say it is! And a duck is a duck, if we say it is, no matter what it is! Especially if it is actually a steamy piece of …. Well.

Oak Park, IL construction

WOW! Ok, Oak Park let us have construction down busy side streets  without that much relief for the original parking spots that the construction eliminated. Meaning that the construction sites are of course narrowing or closing down vital side streets near the Harlem green line as is.

But it also eliminates a lot of needing parking (lots) in the area to supposedly build more buildings, storefronts and new parking garages in its place. The problem is there is nowhere to really park until  these projects are done, and it looks like the businesses in the area are feeling it as they are not as busy as they use to be, maybe it is finally a good time to try them out!

It looks like they have nothing else to do since all their other customers do not want to deal with the parking mess in the Harlem Avenue and Lake Street area. Then again neither do I, I hope they stay in business long enough for their customers to try out those new parking garages! Good going Oak Park city planning!