Oak Park, IL is just shitty compared to other burbs

After the shit on Friday, I was like I will hang with my friend Sarah on the weekend and I was like in heaven, it was nice out and very quiet in her area. Now I see why Svengoolie always says “Berwyn” people are not up your ass being noisy and wanting to tell you what to do. The big plus also there is that I saw maybe one person walking their dog in a 5 block radius, wherein Oak Park, Il you cannot even go outside into the courtyard to see a dog and its owner. Oh also to step in dog shit.

The neighbors are quiet in her apartment building, I would characterize their behavior as if almost like they were trying to avoid contact with other people. We took out the garbage went to a local bar, okay, okay, two local bars “persuasion” and another one (too lit sorry). We picked up some White Castles after we got wasted and it tasted like mana from God, it was so good. It was crazy because there were businesses that were open past 10 pm!

Like for adults to actually go and hang out, unlike Oak Park, IL where the commercial businesses are aimed towards kids and retirees. I think the only issues was the town-wide 25 mph speed limit because as you know going through Oak Park, IL even in daylight is boring as fuck, so most of the time you like to speed through to get that drive and life experience over with.

In fact, to get a White Castle to steady the mixed drinks we were getting when we were drinking at my place in Oak Park, IL (because they are no real hangouts after 10 pm) we would have to travel through Most of Oak Park, IL, River Forest and part of Melrose Park, Il to get a few freaking burgers. Therefore, comparing Berwyn, IL (made famous by the Wayne’s World movie) to Oak Park, IL is comparing Apples to Cranberries for fun stuff to do if you are between 20 to 60 years old.

Hell, I know 68 years olds who like to get a great hot cheeseburger at 11 pm at night, so yes, Oak Park, Il is lame as shit. Rent elsewhere, own property elsewhere, party elsewhere just do everything elsewhere, like getting laid; Oak Park, Il is just shitty.

Valentine’s Day around the corner and there’s nothing to do in Oak Park, Il

Well, since there isn’t anything really about Valentine’s day around Oak Park, IL I looked up the History Channel’s take on the holiday so that hopefully you guys can come up with something for your loved one. You can print up hearts and cut them out, laminate and make decorations that way. Also, you can try P-interest to see if there any self-made decorations or gifts you can make if you are on a budget or just show some effort to the person you are giving the shit too.

Here is the History of Valentine’s Day as presented by the History Channel: http://www.history.com/topics/valentines-day

Here is the link to a P-interest search for Valentines Day’s crafts:


Better Homes and Garden’s Homemade Valentine’s Day crafts:


Better Homes and Garden’s Homemade Valentine’s Day homemade coupons:


I hope this saves your ass because of the lack of Valentine’s day shit here in Oak Park, IL have a good one!

Goodbye Defiant Comics

It’s a shame that as I wrote here before that one of my nephew and nieces comic book stores (Defiant Comics) was in dire straits in nearby Forest park, IL. At least I wrote about it and hoped that people in the comic book community went in to patronage this beautiful crazy place at least once as a result. Something that Forest park, il nor Oak Park, il tries to do is to actively promote the businesses in the area and I tried to at least via this blog.

Which considering Oak Park, Il champions Hemingway as a hero that they would be a village behind a good book store, a book store that leans towards younger readers, you know to encourage learning in the youngsters even if it’s in a close neighboring burb, I mean they do so for river forest why not for defiant comics in forest park, Il?

But no, alas it was defiant comics last day was on December 31st, another victim of 2016, closed forever. I will seriously miss my side discussions with big d and Brian there, but I wish that both communities would have assisted this little business thrive so this would not happen. Well, the area shitty as it is it just became a whole lot shitter, like brown solid dog turds to green dog diarrhea, if you need an example, due to their loss.

I hope the best for them in their future endeavors and to Oak Park, il/Forest Park, Il that know relies on a hole in the wall library on one side (forest park) and a gun totting wild west library on the other side (Oak Park, Il) good luck trying to stimulate your kids learning like this gem, defiant comics did, and fuck you for not recognizing its greatness and significance to the community that now sorely needs it!

P.S.: now we have one less (major) reason why not to shop in either forest park, Il or oak park, Il that is the only “silver lining” here. Take my dollars fucking elsewhere.

Target comes to Oak Park, IL!

Celebrate!  I see the news regarding a small Target near Lake and Harlem! I love how the residents and sometimes officials state they want to preserve the “heritage” of Oak Park, IL with its “feel” and architecture and such. Well, putting a Target near one of the busiest intersections around the village and area is the greatest way to do that! Great going morons! Where did the city planners get their degrees? In a Cereal box???

The traffic in this area and this intersection is already a mess so let’s add a huge name brand store and not add enough parking spots in the area because that is the intelligent thing to do. I love the fact that Chicago corruption has hit Oak Park, Il in a major way because there is no way this seems reasonable to the average resident’s sensibilities those who profess the glory of Oak Park, Il’s individual uniqueness.

Now this area of Harlem and Lake has been set up to be as bad as or ten times worse than the area where Forest Park, Il has the Walmart on Roosevelt and Desplaines Avenues. No longer can Oak Park, Il state it is unique it has become like every other village or town that has poor planning and terrible grasps of its own traffic problems. There are tons of places and empty spaces for a Target on Madison avenue but that would be thinking and logical, alas Oak Park, IL in its vanity is not about that.

Once they see the crowds a Target brings (which is almost as bad as Walmart crowds) they will realize someone has sold Oak Park, Il’s already pitiful soul to the devil, but then it will be too late to make changes. Changes in the infrastructure, streets etc., and no I did not forget about all the small unique businesses around Harlem and Lake that a small Target will kill once introduced into the area.

Bravo! Thank you Oak Park, IL for proving me right and that you are the biggest combination of idiots and hypocrites of them all!

Here is the link spreading the joy of my continued on the point opinion about Oak Park, IL:


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Where to go in Oak Park, IL to watch the Chicago Cubs win?

So if the Cubs win the World Series are people in the Chicago going to riot I just want to know not because I want a free television (lol) but I wonder what that means for Oak Park, IL? Is everyone going to jump on the bandwagon or what? It’s a shame I do not know where there are some local places to go around here to enjoy the games but again when there are no real businesses that promote such “activities” what you are going to do?

Well go elsewhere, of course, tons of spots inWrigleyville, and all around the city to go to hang out and have a couple of drinks watch the games and get into shape for the eventual meltdown if this IS the year. Unfortunately, because there are no real places that one can go to in Oak Park, Il for these type of things, because it is so quiet, like a crypt ha ha.

Hopefully, I will not get raped, mugged, or simply just jumped coming off one of the cta lines out here in Oak park, Il, after leaving a game, but of course that can “happen anywhere” unfortunately it should not happen here, but alas there is a possibility that it might, a chance that it might. If the Cubs make it to the series I am ready to take that chance and hope that I do not have to park too far away from a train stop on a dark dimly lit street (tons of those in Oak Park, IL).

I guess my main complaint is the lack of Cub “fever” here or venues to play in, I would like stuff to do here that I do not see tons of kids, or pretentious behavior just adults and some fun times. Jesus, sheer boredom on a stick.

Finally some economic development in Oak Park, Il!

I just read that the village of Oak Park, Il finally got its head out of its ass and sold the property at the corner of Chicago and Austin! Totally awesome, because this area does need some type of economic development and Oak Park, Il acts like the border area of Austin Ave, should have the shittest properties found in Oak Park, IL as a statement that this is where the border lies for Oak Park/Chicago, IL.

In this article it is stated that the Oak Park Economic Development Corporation assisted the RICA Properties LLC in getting this property, now I have no problem with that but if this Oak Park, Il group is supposedly in the business of “attracting and retaining business development” in Oak Park, IL then they are really doing a shit job. There are tons of “For Rent” or “For Lease” signs on commercial properties around the village of Oak Park, IL and the fact of the matter is when that they have the common sense just taking all day to put it to use.

The RICA group wants to come in redo the entire façade, put in a restaurant, and basically beautify and rejuvenate this area, so the idea that this location was empty for such a long time when groups like this are ready to come in and do the work the village is not willing to do (they rather build a pool) is just stupid. Hopefully the doors opened by the RICA group will create a flood or new development and jobs for this Austin-Oak Park, IL area, also fill in some of the vacant spaces within the vacant commercial properties within the village. Kudos to RICA and OPEDC, about time!

Inklebarger, Timothy (2016) “Village sells Chicago and Austin property for $425K” oakpark.com


The Changing Face of Oak Park, IL

Oak Park, Il and the mayor are moving ahead with redeveloping the Oak Park Ave-Madison Ave corner for commercial usage. After reading some of the comments it does not look that the citizens of Oak Park, Il are pleased with this development. Some are not happy with their input not being taken into account, some residents are furious that Oak Park, Il is changing in ways they do not approve of.

The mayor Abu-Taleb, on the other hand, is happy as a pig in shit about it, funny reading the article, the author states the mayor lives nearby to this site, ah…… so do I smell a “pork” project in the works? Maybe a rise in property values for the Mayor with the start of this new construction project being so close to the Mayor’s residence? Man I wish like most of the people who commented on this article that I was a fly on the old wall hearing the details about this deal!

Sounds like there will finally be some economic development in Oak Park, IL (something I bitch about) but not the type that helps small businesses or gives a damn about the residents. Thank you, Oak Park, IL for proving me right again that this little village is full of hypocritical bullshit HA! It seems like a clash in two extreme ideals of what is needed in Oak Park, IL people who want to keep Oak Park, IL back in the 1950’s in every way and another side that wants to sell the whole damn place off to a select few (what is sometimes called ”special interests”). Glad I know so that I can start my exodus sooner than later.

The issue of transparency amongst the village officials in Oak Park, IL is the heart of this article and I recommend reading it (what??) because usually come election time, and this is the piece that will remind you come election time, not to vote for these dirt bags. Let’s be realistic, voters tend to forget about who sold them out on issues such as this, and rather just listen to those same officials telling them what they want to hear.

I mean these officials are talking about narrowing the traffic lanes on Madison Ave are you going to be outraged now and election time or after you have taken that adjusted Madison Ave for five years straight cussing to yourself in your car that they should do something about it?

I did my part in activism for you punk bastards and post this to the site and I am waiting approval for my questions:

“So the first thing I would like to know before anything is how will village officials deal with the increase of traffic in the area? Second, with this new construction there will be a need for more parking spaces, what will be done to address that need?”

I feel these are legitimate questions that should be answered before going ahead with any proposal for this site. I am not sure if the Oakpark.com will post them or not (they hate me) …I wonder why? But hey complain and let your voice be heard don’t let Oak Park, Il break you down…


Peterson’s Ice Cream in Oak Park, IL

I remember back in the day going to Peterson’s in Oak Park, IL for some great ice cream, at one time I believe they redid the restaurant next door in the early 2000s and always wondered how the food tasted however, as time went by, Peterson’s shrunk to the size they are now. Being opened since in 1919 the ice cream parlor has been a staple in the community for nearly a century, and a great place to go for ice cream.

But I have a quick question I guess there was a change in management, because I have been in there a few times in the last year and I always dealt with an older brunette who I would say 80% of the time never smiled. I mean, maybe once there was some joy in her face, and it kind of made me just want to know her schedule so that I can get my Peterson’s ice cream with some measure of positivity!

My question is what’s her deal, is she an owner or one of the workers? I just want to know because I want to enjoy some ice cream (like I said) and just chill. Does anyone see grumpy face and get the same downer look? I want to take my nieces and nephews but I wonder if her hard demeanor would throw off what should be a “fun” vibe?

I mean I have frequented restaurants like Jerusalem café to Khyber Pass, I have taken these kids to Noodles and Company and the old Falafill in Oak Park, IL but never had met someone so sad or bitter about running/working a business.

Maybe it is just symptomatic of Oak Park, IL to make younger residents and visitors feel like outsiders or like they are not wanted, that is cool Peterson’s will probably last another 90 plus years but will do so without my money to help them along.


A Marijuana dispensary in Oak Park, Il

Wait so Oak Park, Il can approve a marijuana dispensary which I am in support of, near Harlem and Lake, but not a Bank of America right next door? Do they know what type of traffic is going to now come through that already tight area? I think the big motivator for Oak Park, Il Officials is the money it brings in, even though it is a cash business.

I wonder what type of police presence will be in the area to secure the businesses patrons, there has been a robbery at the Chase Bank just across the intersection on Harlem and Lake. So my concern is what are Oak Park, Il officials going to do to safeguard customers of this store after they purchase the product?

Most likely nothing, they are probably just eyeing the tax revenue made off this business for a pool now one will use it in a skating rink they will build in the middle of winter. Although like I said I am in favor of legal ways to get cannabis I do not think Oak Park, IL is the proper place to set up a legit business to dispense it. Oak Park, Il cannot even fix its parking problems let alone protect the legitimate patients who will patronize this business for medical marijuana.

This discusses further the opening of the new store near Harlem and Lake and briefly mentions the products they will sell:


Oak Park, IL nor Forest Park, IL do not how to promote local businesses (Save Defiant Comics)

One thing about this area is that they really do not know how to promote the businesses in their small area. Oak Park, IL nor the neighboring Forest Park, IL I have lived in both and they are both suburbs that have gained a lot from their reputations, not because of their marketing or business sense. Forest park does have a better grip upon bringing people to their local businesses on Madison Ave with their multiple festivals, so that is a plus in a way.

However, when it comes to an issue like construction (street repaving) in the area the businesses really suffer, similar to any metropolitan area but do to their small community nature marketing during these times are lacking. Suburbs like Oak park and Forest park need these small businesses not only necessary for tax purposes but to bring visitors in the area. The only thing that is good about where I am living is that with a young nephew, niece and a cosplaying teenage niece who love all the marvel movies is that I look terrific and awesome in their eyes because of two businesses in the area One Stop Comics (Oak Park, IL) and Defiant Comics (Forest Park, IL).

One Stop Comics is every pure comic book geek’s dream they have everything from the 1950s to present day, they have tons of room and tons of stuff encompassing that space. So for the younger kids visiting this idyllic so-called suburb of Oak Park, Il this was a candy land of toys, of all kinds, comic books, etc., it is one of the best places or stops in the area I can take them. The cosplaying niece loves this place because of the history that it represents and sells from multiple generations of comic book publishing, this history gives her tons of comic book characters to read about and possibly cosplay as.

Defiant Comics is the smaller independent store of the two focusing on independent books and the adult fan but kids as well, the two younger ones love this place due to the streamlined offerings this store has, focusing on the independents but also the modern era of comic books. Action figures, POP figures, and $1 comic book offerings, etc., the one dollar comics is something they can always plead that costs so little no matter how bad they make my nerves.

The combination of these two places is the yin and yang to keeping these visiting knuckleheads together and calm! But in recent weeks I learned that the latter Defiant Comics had to post a gofundme page due to a lack of business traffic brought on by the construction, street repaving done outside of their store! I literally screamed a little bit inside the idea that one part of the two punch whammy would be missing floored me. As both stores make the kids feel special and honestly I love those damn $1 comic books it makes their visits less expensive! however, the idea of losing a business that I like and no one in the community really from either village has done nothing about it seems like.

I mean I have to go down Madison avenue to get to the place so sometimes I would need to stop at either Mama Thai’s or the KFC to feed these kids, therefore, that means without it these other businesses lose my dollars if Defiant Comics was not there. I wonder if either village cares what the loss of a business like this that bring people of various demographics to this area just to buy a freakin book? How many people go comic store hopping like I do with the kids throwing dollars to the various businesses along the way? What does the loss of competition of one comic store does to the other?

It really sucks that Defiant Comics is going through this and I really don’t want to be the bearer of bad news to the kids as I am to everyone else on here when I talk about Oak Park, IL (ha!). Hopefully, people will go to their gofundme page and donate because they are giving discount membership cards if you give, so here’s the page”

Save Defiant Comics https://www.gofundme.com/2hnr3t8

You can link it to your Facebook page for more exposure for this business and/or go to their event on Sunday, August 28th, 2016 at 5:45 PM – 10 PM it is being held at Chalk 7414 Madison St, Forest Park, Illinois 60130

Not being a promote whore, but I hate either of these businesses to go the way of the old Chinese restaurant that was near the Harlem Green line stop for like tons of years, near the downtown Oak Park, IL area, what was its name? Yeah exactly you did not know it was over there, you cannot remember the name, now there’s some Ale house place there that was not busy for a while ..due to construction outside their door. Great marketing savvy from the village of Oak Park, IL now click on the link so I have two places to take these punk ass kids:

Save Defiant Comics https://www.gofundme.com/2hnr3t8 or go to their event on Sunday, August 28th, 2016 at 5:45 PM – 10 PM it is being held at Chalk 7414 Madison St, Forest Park, Illinois 60130 damn it!