About Oak Parkilblog

This is a place that I discuss, about the crazy, stupid things that go on in Oak Park, IL! Things that make no sense, that happen or are occurring without any planning or common sense.

This is where I tear away the idyllic picturesque image and ensemble that has been perpetuated all these years and has been destroyed by me, actually living here!

Hemingway, Oak Park’s favorite son, did not like it here or the people here even though he returned a few times, but Hemingway was a great man and a great writer, I am neither therefore when my time is up I will get the hell out of Oak Park, IL!

I know they will be glad to get rid of me, but too bad while I am still here I will write about all the crazy, dumb stuff Oak Park, IL does to keep its false image alive and how this suburb keeps rewriting the textbook definition of crazy every second of every minute, every hour of every day.


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