Hard to write about Oak Park, Il

The hardest part about these blogs is trying to find out where you left off at. What are the passwords for these fucking log-ins? Should I write about his experience or just chalk it up to just the worse in humanity live in this village? Where is all your old shit that you created? Did I already write about this craziness? How much more douche bag can Oak Park, IL really get?

Well, we all know that Oak park, IL can get douchy-er than what it currently is now. But it takes a crisis or a life changing event to sit my ass down to write some more about Oak Park, IL. The blog has a purpose to document a chunk of experience and happenings within the village of Oak Park, Il for one perspective for others to hear about. Because really all you hear is great things, like a bad marriage that everyone is suffering in even the family dog. All you hear is “great schools” “Frank Lloyd Wright” “Ernest Hemingway” etc. and so forth with more bullshit. Never about the racism in the schools, how Wright and Hemingway are fundamentally the only great things that happened to the village in a very long time.

The village of Oak Park, IL is always pushing the positive narrative and having that head in the sand mentality. Which this blog is not a part of at all. The thing is, there has to be a ying to a yang there has to be negatives to the positives. Never should someone hear about this shitty little burb and get buyer’s remorse after they have put their lifesavings in a property here. Hell, if you ask me Oak Park IL’s reputation has been lost to the wind, and there are suburbs that are more deserving like Riverside.

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