Romanticizing Oak Park, IL

Okay someone gets it. The thing about Oak Park, IL is that it’s always romanticizes the past like it was this great thing. In the article “Don’t romanticize Farmers Market” the writer’s opinion is that Framers Market is not the picture perfect old timey event everyone believes it to be. The article is straight to the point. The point that Oak Park, IL pushes this image that things were so great back in the day and that for “50 years” the village has been this entity that has been accepting everyone no matter how they are different. Total bullshit.

Even now the village is having problems that are similar to 50 or even 60 years ago. As we see a rebirth of racist attitudes in the village instead of ignoring it, inside of glossing over as the article states about the Farmer’s Market. A lot of Oak Park, IL likes to harken back to a “simpler time”… but what is that simpler time consists of? Minorities in their place, only able to rent but not own a place in Oak Park? Where we do not celebrate equality for even the LGBTQ community? Going back and reminiscing that the past was “great” without understanding or remembering the bad that went with that past is just folly.

The point is do not use the past in the present and ignore all the crap that the past contains. But in Oak Park, IL the village likes to ignore that point and carry on.

This is the article that has the opinion of Farmer’s Market:’t-romanticize-Farmers-Market/

Oak Park, IL is distracting

It’s so distracting to be in Oak Park, il. The traffic going so slow you can read a book while you drive. The pretentious neighbors who cannot wait to tell you how the world should be viewed and how silly you are if you have a slightly different view. I forget to write altogether or in the timetable that I wish to proceed the writing process with. The whole thing is like a clusterfuck, everything that you have planned, becomes dust in the wind. Even all the energy that you may have had is sucked away like this village is some sort of mythological mermaid, using it’s beauty to suck you in and then dashing you against the rocks of oak park’s harsh reality.

Then you sit in your place at night, wondering how you are dealing with this shit. Possibly could this be karma or if it’s just a bunch of mean-spirited people who present themselves as a gift to God’s green earth and you were just too hoodwinked to see the truth. Again it’s great the state is legalizing marijuana because a lot of us need it or a lot of alcohol to deal with the mind-numbing state of this village.

Hopefully I don’t get pulled over driving home one of these days because the vacant look in my eyes is not from drugs it’s from the soul draining enterprise of existing in Oak park, IL that has created it.

Marijuana legal in Illinois!

Well, well, well, So Illinois has FINALLY legalized Marijuana! There may be a reason to stay in the state, but not enough to stay in Oak Park, IL however! I doubt that Oak Park, can be “trendy” enough to get on the bandwagon and issue the business licenses to have recreational dispensaries. Yes, there are medical ones, but I am talking about recreational where parking and facilities for the amount of customer traffic a business occurs!

When I was in Vegas, recreational dispensaries were in buildings the size of a CVS or even a Costco, and there is no where in Oak Park, IL where that commercial need can be met. The village is too busy trying to build condos everywhere and “hoodwink” people out of their property values to really be concerned on a possible commercial opportunity that would definitely help the village and its residents financially.

Of course, I know some idiots would argue that it may bring a criminal or unsavory element to Oak Park, IL but seriously we have kids writing racist crap in public places so such bullshit is unwarranted. But that is alright other suburbs and cities in Illinois will profit, the rest of us will be baked, and Oak Park, IL will be out of shits luck due to its outmoded, and outdated way of doing things.

Happy V day!

It is the 75th anniversary of when the allies invaded the beaches of France at Normandy to start the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany. Many lost their lives that day to protect the freedoms that we hold dear, take advantage of, and champion for those around the world.  Younger generations like us, cannot not really understand what this day in planning, in execution and in sacrifice it took to make this event take place. We all know that the ramifications of this day, echoes into the present day.

V-day established all the facts to the theories we all have in what it costs to preserve freedom and the ideals that are in constant evolution even today. Soldiers went to foreign lands they never saw only to die for a structure of civilization that exists today and is changing in many different ways but always for the better. I hope that for the veterans of this great war this day brought many memories and great pride.

Happy Vday!



Oak Park, IL we got racism too!

Well I see that Oak Park, Il is back in the news again for racism! Does not matter the form or the circumstances it is all the same shit that is bubbling up from the underneath that is Oak Park, IL. A once proud village that stated “hate has no home here..” but the fact that it states this, pushes the village even further into the media spotlight. We have to hear about how these so called bastard kids were taking photos of themselves playing the “Ok punching game” as if, we all know better.
It seemed like the lies parents tell themselves in order to reaffirm that they are not failures as parents and their kids are not racist assholes. As if kids and younger generations are not privy to the knowledge that exists already to adults, as If there isn’t a thing called google or the internet. It is the parents who are not enforcing the morals and judgments of the ideals of the village or the country professes the ones they were supposedly brought up upon or championed themselves. Yeah we heard that the yearbooks of the students at the Oak Park River Forest high school will be replaced without these pictures. But does that fix the problem?
What happened to the editor staff who should have reviewed these pictures before the books went to print were they disciplined? Whether it was stupidity, ignorance or laziness in the real world they should not be let off the hook, however the village just absorb the cost of this mistake. But why should we? These kids should be without the yearbooks as an example for the future, that such idiotic shit is not allowed. Or so that the other schoolkids can beat the shit out these idiots who put the yearbooks in jeopardy, well, that is how accordingly to my west side ass it should be done. However we are simply making it okay to be racist by just sweeping this incident under the rug and reprinting the yearbooks.
This game evolved to a symbol of racism and by now that is known by everyone who exhibits it at this point of time. And because of some stupid kids and their parents who live in denial the taxpayers of Oak Park, IL are on the hook for reprinting these yearbooks, because where do you think the budget for this school comes from anyway? Not only are we hit with the cost of reprints but now a hint of racism stains the reputation of each resident of Oak Park, IL whether they are a permanent or temporary resident. Only not due to the overt actions of their daily lives, which we are all capable of, no, it is because of the actions of some stupid kids who are now getting away with their racist actions, scott free.

The Memorial Day weekend and afterwards..

Time seemed to just fly by this weekend thanks to the holiday Memorial day I was able to get away from the village of Oak Park, IL for a little while. I heard the new mayor of Chicago was trying this time,  to get a handle on the city’s violence during this time. I wish the village of Oak Park, IL would have used this time to remove the stick out of its collective asses to bring some life to it. I could not stand another moment of the boring lackluster atmosphere during a holiday weekend in which Men and Women gave their lives so that we could enjoy our freedom by being in this restrictive area.
I think that is what is the real issue with Oak Park, IL it is just a shell of itself, a place tries to be representative of ideals and morals thought to be great and lively. However it is all bullshit the village likes to do the exact opposite of what it tells itself and others and then we all become foolishly residents of a monstrous ploy. It is hard to enjoy a holiday weekend here unless you are stone drunk by Friday night and are recovering the rest of the weekend.
The weekend went by as such, and I totally welcomed it, to be in bed enjoying some silence was fantastic but it was not in the village. Oh no, not here! LOL I went to a hotel in Lombard and enjoyed the room and quiet. Now back I feel yuck almost a film of disgusting vomit covering everything and a feeling of being letdown entirely. And I know I get that feeling every time I come back to Oak Park, IL.