High Property Taxes in Oak Park, IL

Well after reading this article about taxes for housing in West Cook County I am definitely glad Oak Park, IL broke my little heart and made me not want to live here or own a home in the village. With the prices that I am reading in the article you must be high as fuck to want to live in this village. The prestige does not equal that price you pay for living here.

It looks like the property tax rate is nearly three times the national average at 3.12 % which is just ridiculous, with Maywood higher than that. Yes Maywood! HAHAHAHA!!! Yes, Maywood. Have you been in Maywood, IL recently? Have you driven through Maywood, IL recently?

But my point is that Oak Park, IL is not worth that type of price tag with traffic being a problem on an everyday basis, parking being so shitty and Oak Park, IL being, well, Oak Park, IL. There is no longer an allure to the village that will “drive” one to purchase a home in the village knowing that such bullshit awaits them. This although is good information for those of you who want to be stubborn as shit and buy a home here. If you are good at money you can calculate how much your initial value of your new home will be in the first years of ownership (ie: your mortgage and property taxes combined). Of course, there are other expenses too, but these are the two biggest fuckers that would scare anyone straight away from investing into the Oak Park, IL area at all.

The article I spoke of:



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