Working hard as hell but Oak Park Il still is blah

This job has got me working hard as hell, but I am trying to write some articles for the blog to keep it alive LOL. I am also planning on how many to write since I usually do about two posts every Tuesday and Thursday each week coming up to about 104 posts a year. And when dealing with that hip place called Oak Park, IL it is very hard to do so, especially with a job that racks your brain with the number of idiots I deal with. But I think it will do done.

Of course, the little village that is full of itself helps me out by doing some plainly ignorant shit. So, I am grateful for that, trust me! It does not hurt me to write a couple of lines about how Oak Park, IL really needs to work upon the gap of: how it perceives itself, how outsiders define it and how it really is. Oak Park, IL is like that ex that said it never cheated on you, but always had various ex-lovers in their DMs while going out with you and wants to be a “better” person to do “good” in the world. SMH

Never be fooled although there are some good people in Oak Park, IL there are a lot that will show their pompous ass attitude to you at the drop of a dime. The attitude is too privileged to even fathom you will need to actually experience it to get an idea. And this is from a suburb that is on the border of the West side of Chicago, trust me you will love driving through the “border area” just for laughs. But the insular attitude does bubble up for no reason and you will wonder why, seriously.

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