Non believer

I write these blog posts because obviously with every good story you hear there is a chance there is a bad one lurking underneath. In other words, I have not drunk the Kool-Aid and do not believe any city, town or village is without its problems, and that definitely holds true for Oak Park, IL. I cannot even hear this village’s name without being a little bit disgusted or nauseated. The headaches per square foot that have arisen due to this village’s existence is abnormal to me, I have never experienced this type or amount of bullshit anywhere else on this scale.

I mean I have been to Cleveland, Duluth, Charlotte, Lexington, etc., and none of given me as much grief as this small ass piss ant village. So, you may just come back and see no new blog posts or you might see a ton of them, I cannot lie. Nor can I guarantee a certain amount of production.  With that said I will just say I have a couple more blog posts to put on here, just so everyone knows that shit is still the same, here in Oak Park, IL.

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