Better world out there…

When I think of enjoying myself Oak Park, IL is nowhere in my thoughts, I can’t wait for lollapalooza and other shit like the Air and Water show mundane stuff like that to happen. So I can stretch my wings and have some fun, something I cannot do in tight ass Oak Park, il. I always have to remember to put that “IL” at the end because I do not want to besemirk any other decent community in the world called Oak Park.

I hate to even think that any other place would be compared or added into the discussion with Oak Park, IL. Therefore I would not dare to do that and be that offensive! I am really tired from the new job so it makes it harder to write posts but I really want to give people hope as summer closes that there is still a ton of shit to do so do not despair while be on Oak park, IL there is a whole bigger better world out there.

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