Took the rest of the week off because…

I took the week off because after the whole Charlottesville incident, well like I said sometime before when Oak Park got the Nazi graffiti in the lobby of one of its public buildings, I can’t remember which. But I said that Oak Park Il was in a bubble of disbelief towards such racism and after the events in Charlottesville I guess I was right. The events twirled out of control, political blunders were aplenty and it looks like tiki torches are now in fashion. Did anyone wonder why these protestors didn’t think that by going unmasked to these “rallies” there would not be any blowback or repercussions?

Probably thought they were okay living out their 4chan fantasies and it’s 1951 all over again. But because you want to be an asshole and go online to state your racist opinion does not mean you get to do what you want in the real world. All these organizations worked in the shadows because there was no internet, but then after the net, they found a space. Then was 9/11, Isis, and lone wolf terrorism that makes it impossible for this type of “free” speech to exist in open society. There is a fear of what happened in Charlottesville, Paris, etc. will happen everywhere so all those involved with these “rallies” will be labeled as fanatics or fascists for the rest of their lives.

And the United States is no longer a Domestic economy meaning being involved with other ethnic groups is now a fact of life that cannot be avoided. Meaning this involvement is Permanently listed or associated with them hindering any chance of having a meaningful job search or life. But that is the consequence of This type of hatred, you cannot apply the rules of trolling in real life. As much as I loathe Oak Park, Il I am not pushing down old ladies downstairs, sideswiping ignorant bike riders, or stealing the iPads of the idiotic kids aimlessly walking into traffic.

I know how to vent properly and interact in society, oh and I am not a racist fascist (that helps). Therefore, in respect of the two cops and the protestor that died I took the week off out of respect and so that everyone can focus on the hatred that I already knew was out there. But as usual in Oak Park, Il decided to ignore, you can still try but you never know when crazies may attack.

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