Oak Park, IL blog: Fibroid Friday

As I mentioned my Friday (today) will be with Sarah because she will be having surgery for fibroids. I know it seemed like in that last post I just glossed over it but, I wanted to write something separate from that rant. For women, fibroids are very serious and there are many things that can attribute to it.

  • Age
  • Ethnic origin
  • Obesity
  • Family history

For her I believe it is the latter, guys should be concerned about this too, because it can lead to cramping, extended periods, mood swings, etc. that translates into no sex for anyone! Also, it can lead to infertility if you are trying to have babies, hence it is no joke. You can have them taken out (myomectomy) which is what Sarah is going to do, however, it can be expected that my lit contributor will have to put up with it until menopause.

Even though it is an outpatient procedure I want to be there to take her home, make lunch and make sure she rests. If someone is going through the same thing, the best thing is to be supportive, hopefully, she will be back on her feet telling me ten thousand times way she left Oak Park, IL and lecture me why I should get the fuck out asap.

Please note that birth control is an option that can control the symptoms but a doctor can really give you the rundown if you are suspicious that you have these issues too. Getting a clear diagnosis can go a long way, so if you think your periods are extra-long or you are having unnecessary pains see a doctor.

Oh, side note, I cannot take any pictures she has threatened me with death, not on any of the Oak Park, Il social media accounts or my secret personal ones. LOL, I just can’t wait until my big titty friend is up and around again.

Here are some online links that discuss fibroids in depth:



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