Escape from Oak Park (part 1)

At one point around the 29th I heard all this shit coming from upstairs then I heard a lot of commotion coming from the back area that is when I peered out my back door to see the upstairs neighbor and I guess a bunch of his friends or family moving furniture out in the middle of the night. I mean couches, televisions, and boxes so being the noisy bitch I am I acted like I was taking out the trash.

Oops, I am in the way, “sorry” “Oh you are moving?” that type of crazy. Funny the guy told me “Yeah” he was tired of the shit treatment he received from the building management and was moving out. “Tired of their crap” is what he said, but I fear it is indicative of how this management company runs their business they keep a few select tenants in here, then shuffle a few minorities in here and there, so it looks good. Then those minorities are out in a year or so, usually of a younger generation, making way for newer tenants.

There are only two older tenants who look like they have been in my apartment complex since Moses was in Kindergarten and that is it. There has to be at 20 units in the complex so only 10% of these residents remain long term? Even at some of the places, I walked through before I got this unit was, again, younger people or couples ready to move out or to the next step of their lives. But of all those places I saw (five) there was only one okay tenant who did not have words for the representative taking us through the place.

Just One out of five, the other four individuals/groups all had something to say to the dude walking me through the viewing selections. The weird thing was that ALL five of these tenants remained in the flat while we walked through the majority of the time (one couple stormed out after talking to the representative) otherwise they stayed.

Personally, I do not fucking blame them, let’s establish that point first, but it was not like they did not trust us coming in their living space as it was (second point) to confront the representative. I do not like that fact that by not renewing my lease with these assholes they can just bring people through my apartment and look at my shit. There were times I was in the tenant’s bedrooms, unsupervised by either the representative or the tenant, lucky for them I was not underwear shopping nor a thief. Hell, I could imagine what people would do in my place if given the chance to walk through unsupervised, to look through closets and dresser drawers while the representative is playing on their phone in another room or arguing with the tenant about why no notice was given for the visit.

I just figured if they trust me that much the least I could do is not be an ass, but not everyone is like that. I believe that among other things start the tenants at Oak Park Apartments on that long road of moving out and hating everything about Oak Park, IL, Oak Park Apartments their front office and their representatives. To the point, you are moving out in the middle of the night out of their apartments just to escape this fuckedupness.

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