Christmas in Oak Park, Il part 1

Christmas in Oak Park, Il should bring out the best of people, the good Christian people of Oak Park, Il who do not celebrate that many other holidays, that do not have the cultural intelligence to celebrate or accept other cultural based holidays. This also leads to a basic ignorance of the real meaning of Christmas accepting what is culturally acceptable, meaning, the more commercial side of the holiday. Getting back to the basics of this Christian holiday, it is all about the birth of Jesus, yet we take away from it there is a standard of mandatory gift giving.

Giving gifts is the “be all end all” for this holiday now, and children everywhere expect a gift upon this holiday, Greed instead of generosity has replaced the mainstream message of this holiday, Christmas has become more of a corporate holiday than a religious one although it is very similar to Diwali. The holiday of Christmas no matter what the denomination has as it, a foundation of giving and selflessness not of wish lists and the force fraternizations with everyone and their mother. However, I am hopeful there are people in Oak Park, IL who do still grasp upon the original Christian beliefs of Christmas and still give of themselves as per those religious beliefs. To help understand better this famous and misconstrued holiday I have set up in this post a couple of links that discuss the customs of Christmas and includes for a countdown clock to Christmas.

This is a website that details different customs for the Christmas holiday:

I have added a website here that may add to the Christmas for the kids:

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