Oak Park, IL …hey I am Witch so what?

I know a lot of people read my stuff and go “what a bitch!” but you know what? -Who cares because I am just saying what I know is true about Oak Park, IL and I will not apologize if my experiences and something like proven facts smack their bias right in the face and derailed the “pretty picture” they want to paint for Oak Park, IL.

I have heard a couple people mention how correct I am. They too have mentioned how much they hate the bullshit that is presented to them by the delusional idiots here. So if they want they can simply buy me the following shirt: https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/621208-basic-witch me and my peeps will gladly wear it we do not care.

I thank you all for your support and for reading my blog about my crap experiences and viewpoints about Oak Park, IL but I would like to hear from you as well!!!! Comment all you want really!

Listen I am too damn lazy to delete stuff and sometimes to edit my own crap, so say what you want!


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