Proof that People in Oak Park, IL are full of themselves, assholes.

I read this article while google searching “who in the hell is stupid to love Oak Park, IL” and man did I laugh hard! Holy Shit! I had no idea the people here in Oak Park, IL are this full of shit! If someone stated that they read this article and if I knew the author or do I live in Oak Park, IL I would run the other way. Seriously.

Don’t get me wrong the author does mention some of the reasons that many people have left, like high taxes, the problems with congestion, and the various issues with parking and states that they emphasize with those who hate Oak Park because of it. But then focuses the majority of the article upon those who hate Oak Park, IL because of the betterment it represents and feel “guilty”… say what? LOL The author states “that many talked integration…” and then “walked it..” like him, (I hear amazing grace in my head right now) I glad he states that “be smug and self-righteous about our decision to live here…” Furthermore, that many of the residents are in Oak Park, Il because of shared values of integration and diversity and they are proud of it and of course there are haters to this stance.

Now, these were pieces of the article I laughed my ass off, because the majority of residents look at minorities like they do not belong in Oak Park, Il if they are in Oak Park, Il it is because of some housing mandate that guarantees that illusion but nothing more. I think this author forgets the old adage that “pride comes before the fall…” because this pride does not translate into action, it translates into the ignorance that we see every day in Oak Park, Il. I do not see people engaging minorities or being basically nice to anyone, just a sense of entitlement that is fluffed up by this pride that they helped those poor black kids.

No, hating Oak Park, IL is not feeling guilty because one is not a part of this self-delusional group that they are morally right over everyone else, the hate is about the high taxes, f-ed up traffic, crazy parking rules and costs, and upon that dealing with idiots who think it is alright to be pretentious because they helped out the unfortunate. No that is not hating what it is, is just recognizing silliness and the hypocrites around it and denying it every day of the week. If that is being “guilty” then that is what I am PROUD to be, because I feel that Oak Park, IL is full of shit and reeks of it, do not pee on me and say its raining.

Here is the hilarious article in question:

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