The Changing Face of Oak Park, IL

Oak Park, Il and the mayor are moving ahead with redeveloping the Oak Park Ave-Madison Ave corner for commercial usage. After reading some of the comments it does not look that the citizens of Oak Park, Il are pleased with this development. Some are not happy with their input not being taken into account, some residents are furious that Oak Park, Il is changing in ways they do not approve of.

The mayor Abu-Taleb, on the other hand, is happy as a pig in shit about it, funny reading the article, the author states the mayor lives nearby to this site, ah…… so do I smell a “pork” project in the works? Maybe a rise in property values for the Mayor with the start of this new construction project being so close to the Mayor’s residence? Man I wish like most of the people who commented on this article that I was a fly on the old wall hearing the details about this deal!

Sounds like there will finally be some economic development in Oak Park, IL (something I bitch about) but not the type that helps small businesses or gives a damn about the residents. Thank you, Oak Park, IL for proving me right again that this little village is full of hypocritical bullshit HA! It seems like a clash in two extreme ideals of what is needed in Oak Park, IL people who want to keep Oak Park, IL back in the 1950’s in every way and another side that wants to sell the whole damn place off to a select few (what is sometimes called ”special interests”). Glad I know so that I can start my exodus sooner than later.

The issue of transparency amongst the village officials in Oak Park, IL is the heart of this article and I recommend reading it (what??) because usually come election time, and this is the piece that will remind you come election time, not to vote for these dirt bags. Let’s be realistic, voters tend to forget about who sold them out on issues such as this, and rather just listen to those same officials telling them what they want to hear.

I mean these officials are talking about narrowing the traffic lanes on Madison Ave are you going to be outraged now and election time or after you have taken that adjusted Madison Ave for five years straight cussing to yourself in your car that they should do something about it?

I did my part in activism for you punk bastards and post this to the site and I am waiting approval for my questions:

“So the first thing I would like to know before anything is how will village officials deal with the increase of traffic in the area? Second, with this new construction there will be a need for more parking spaces, what will be done to address that need?”

I feel these are legitimate questions that should be answered before going ahead with any proposal for this site. I am not sure if the will post them or not (they hate me) …I wonder why? But hey complain and let your voice be heard don’t let Oak Park, Il break you down…


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