“How to partake in Halloween at work when Halloween really is not your thing…”

Cool blog right in time for halloween

The Imperfect Organization

Halloween is a very versatile day for many people, for many different reasons.  As a result there are various comfort levels and it’s difficult to know how to capture and celebrate the holiday without offending someone within the workplace.

With that said please take a look at a few harmless ideas that I believe can be incorporated into a corporate/team atmosphere if going all “spooky” is not your thing.

Painting PumpkinsI found this lovely pic on Pinterest. It can be fun, creative, and a safe way to honor everyone’s belief without going too far.

pumpkin-paint-challenge2web1Watch a Charlie Brown Halloween special as a groupI mean who doesn’t love Charlie Brown!

charlie-brown-halloweenBecome a judge in the costume contest to avoid dressing up


Bring Halloween candies or treats for your team

tissue-paper-pumpkinParticipate in team building games

bingo-halloweenPlan a Potluck! (For those who are not germophobe’s : )


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