Oak Park, IL does not care about parking, it wants a pool even cartoons make fun of them.

Instead of worrying about the parking issues in the village or anything else it seems the Oak Park, Il is following its neighborhood Chicago, into the depths of corruption and is determined to use public taxpayer fund to pay for a new pool. A pool that only probably 1% of the 1% of Oak Park, Il’s entire population will use. It is even fleshed out in the local commentary cartoon “Scrubtown” on August 17th 2016


If you read the comments section of this cartoon, the readers reinforce the obvious Oak Park, IL does not care about the obvious issues that plague its residents or reenters, in fact, it rather creates “pork projects that make no sense.


This is not what Oak Park, IL tries to portray themselves to the outside world but it proves what I have been stating all along that this village has no common sense at all. It runs of pretentious bullshit and total disdain for its fellows, its own neighbors that live in this microcosm of disillusionment. What a waste.

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