Racial Profiling in Oak Park, IL part 1

I was reading an opinion piece called “Racial profiling is not OK … anywhere” I was astounded that people are now actually seeing instances of racial profiling as listed in the article and have chosen to put themselves out there to say something. Kudos! The younger generation, of course is more inclusive than previous ones of individual differences and tend to be more accepting than their predecessors.

Mind you the opinion piece is discussing an event that is not just an example of racial profiling but an example of a huge gap of cultural awareness, prevalent today, not just in Oak Park, IL but in America. The author alludes to the cause that this mostly likely to a mixture ignorance and arrogance, that color is equated to not being able to have “nice things” or be able to do the things people of other backgrounds can.

It is a shame that as diverse as Oak Park wants to state that it is, there are still these problems especially for a suburb bordering, one of the most troubled areas (behind the Englewood area): the Westside (Austin) area of Chicago. You would think that there would be a little more flexibility in the mindset of the individuals over here, but alas there is not. Making Oak Park, IL just as humdrum a small “vintage” crummy town as any other in America.

Despite its claims to fame, and its ability to hold onto its past, Wright, Hemingway, etc., there are still parts that Oak Park, Il holds onto a little too hard. With a village that has the nerve to think they are better than that, then act like it! We have all been scorned by those who have said one thing and did another, that is why this opinion piece is so impactful because someone is talking the talk and with writing this opinion piece (unlike those who commented below) is walking the walk.

Thank you, Gabrielle, you are a true diamond in the rough!

Pendley, Gabrielle Brady (2016) “Racial profiling is not OK … anywhere” Oakpark.com



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