Expanding the Oak Park, Il blog further to city data.com

I made a recent comment on city data.com regarding what I thought about Oak Park, Il yeah it was a negative comment but it is the truth. Look here for a dose of reality: http://www.city-data.com/forum/chicago-suburbs/1625543-what-about-oak-park-15.html#post44624160 

Yeah we will be on city-data as well with the Oak Park, Il blog soon, cross sectioning different parts of social media to get our message out there. I added a picture of the Oak Park, Il Metra sign and I am waiting for approval. I have added a Google collection of pictures upon google plus, because I want to share viewpoints, pictures, desktop wallpaper, etc., with the general public. Unlike Oak Park, IL I ain’t no selfish bitch (ha ha) so please partake and enjoy and share your thoughts on all of these sites and endeavors you are welcome to do so.


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