Watch where you step in Oak Park, Il hint: dog shit

Oh my gosh, I forgot about this story until I walked up my building’s courtyard. It’s raining out and one of the irresponsible dog owners here who got inventive with “walking” her dog. I hardly have people over because of the craziness I had with the neighbor upstairs, the fact that my building management hardly sends a maintenance crew to clean anything correctly over here (both stories for another time) and the fact there are “land mines” of poop everywhere!

My friend Sarah who came over from Richton Park, IL (lived there too) to visit, and I walked out to her car as she was parking it, that if she is going to park there, be careful where you park. And she was like: “yeah okay” you know, that attitude that “I’m an adult dude, chill” haha. I told her the reason I am saying this is for two reasons:

  1. Oak Park, IL has the most f-ed up parking restrictions in the Chicagoland area (please see the village’s yelp page) and if you are not moving your car every two hours, especially if you have or do not have a sticker to park in that specific area, you can get a ticket. Her eyebrow went up.
  2. When you park next to a lawn you have to be careful you do not walk into piles of dog poop, unfortunately, the irresponsible dog owners outnumber the responsible ones in my area. Her face crinkled. I told her seriously like they have free bags for the people who walk their dogs to clean it up, but the majority do not even use this option. She gave me a stank face.

So after I gave her the ground rules she got out the car, checked all the signs, her phone for the time (and actually set up a 2-hour countdown), then walked in the street and up the sidewalk to the apartment building. Sarah followed the rules and missed the grass altogether, we got up to the courtyard and checked her shoes. So why did she have dog shit on her shoe?? Hahahaha Because it was on the sidewalk!!!! We were so busy talking and looking at the lawn for deposits that we totally forgot to check the sidewalk! She was not happy with washing her shoes in the building’s sink it sure as hell she was not going to clean it in mine! Plus, we threw it in the wash for an extra measure since the washers are also used by the resident dog owners to clean doggy beds why not a shoe?

After two hours she got her and went to move her car, she came back and guess what? We had to wash the show again because she stepped in another pile of shit! HA!  Of course paid for the washing and drying of the shoes both times, and she agreed with me that it was “ridiculous” that people just were not that responsible with their dogs and cleaning up their poop. Well, that was the gist of her edited statement without cusswords or physical threats.

I was wondered how did this happen well I got proof! I took a photo of a dog owner standing in their building’s doorway with their poodle on an extended leash to use the bathroom. Why did they stand in the door way? Because it was raining outside and the owner did not want to get wet, but I guess it is alright for the kids who play in the courtyard to get covered in dog shit and piss or for the rest of us walking up the walkway to avoid the land mines felt by the dog? nice.

Please note: I do not blame the dogs in these rants of mine, only their owners for being so lazy and apathetic to others and their true responsibilities as dog owners. It is up to them to train their dogs, and clean up after them, in these cases I mention, I doubt any time was taken to let either occur.

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