Parents in Oak Park, IL dress yo kids better than that!

Okay, I sound like a 90 year-old grandmother but I was researching crimes in the area to narrow down where I can move and I saw that there were two incidents where some guy approached some preteen girls and asked them” if they wanted a ride” or proposition them in some point. Most preteen girls you can tell “hello this is jailbait” but some due to genetics or the fact they are wearing part of the “PINK” collection head to toe from Victoria Secrets one cannot tell how old these girls really are.

Now, when growing up if you did not want the attention of hormonal boys, and let’s face it, perverted men, your parents taught you to dress” nice” but not too provocative. Not only because other kids are evil with their shaming of individuals wearing certain types of clothes but because there is a real danger out there to gain the attention of crazies out there. Back in the day when there was “missing” photos on milk cartons these pictures were mostly of children, just because some psycho needed their kicks and saw the opportunity to do something about it.

The Pink collection is that brand which a WOMAN tells their partner (woman or man) even though I am dressing down I am sexy, “here I am” obviously I am talking about the collection that the parents approve of. However, there is no indication that these girls wore anything provocative, they just happened to be on the radar of someone who decided to hit on them or be perverted. Either of these girls could have a burka on during the times of these events and STILL have this happen to them.

I am more concerned about the little girls wearing mid rift tank tops and mini shorts that make daisy dukes look like a full pair of blue jeans! You have seen them walk by you in stores or down the various streets here in Oak Park, IL and elsewhere and wonder how their parents let them go out like that. Especially when these girls look so young, now I am not conservative I am just advocating some common sense because these are the same parents who would fight school dress codes, and wonder why enough is not done to keep perverts off the streets while letting their 10-year-old daughters “express themselves” by dressing like 20+-year-old women.

When you take that into account and the fact it sounds like one of the men from these incidents was described as “drunk” does having a mindset of caution wise or it is too much? Of course, it does make sure that you are not a victim for people putting poop down your shorts, no, I am serious see here:

The crime article I am talking about in this blog:

Uphues, Bob (2016) “Pre-teen girls approached by strange man in Oak Park”

Wilson, Tom (2016) “Sicko shoves bag of poop down woman’s shorts in street attack” June 30, 2016  New York Post

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