Oak Park, IL shows its true colors when it comes to parking by not approving improvements to parking garage

You know when you search google.com for parking in Oak Park, IL you see various articles that reflect the attitudes to parking here. For example, the parking attitude regarding the deteriorating parking garage for the Oak Park/River Forest high school is “why pay for a survey on the safety of the garage?” this can be taken two ways, in examining the board’s attitude whether it is

  1. why spend extra money after we know it’s a mess so why not tear it down? or
  2. it is still standing so why worry?

The fact that there is not straight forward opinion or decision makes this vague statement even more stressing, will action take place even some tragedy happens or is there something some action in place? The lack of attention to the parking situation even at a local high school is a unique look into the mindset of Oak Park, IL decision makers. Mentioning a swimming pool during the argument of turning down a survey regarding the safety of the garage is mind blowing, to me it says “hey lets focus on this pool instead..” which is very scary to me.

It just means that parking out here is just not a priority, no matter what the municipal organization here in Oak Park, IL when guess what? It really should be and this is one village that should be committed to creating parking everywhere in this small village! Whether that parking it is at the high schools in the area to the side streets where people are landlocked (without garages) and have various issues because of it, parking should be a priority.

Oak Park, IL is not Chicago and they make sure that we all know it, but why does this village have more issues regarding parking than downtown Chicago? I may have had almost as many issues regarding parking in Oak park, IL as I have when visiting my old haunts in Lakeview or the Gold Coast. But not as many issues why? Because there are parking garages down there and it is a major metropolitan city, here in a small suburb of that city there should not be that problem, looking at the ambiguous decision by the local school board as an example, I see why there are such issues. It is obvious that frivolous ascetic projects reign over projects that are guided by common sense and solve real major issues.

Schering, Steve (2016) “OPRF board declines further parking garage evaluation” June 16, 2016 Chicago Tribune



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