WordPress tags that can work anywhere!

I have been blogging for a while now on Oak Park. IL and giving the different blog entries their tags and assigning different categories to the entries is a challenge. Now for Oak Park, IL I have been using these as tags and/or categories:

  • Oak Park,
  • Oak Park, Illinois
  • Chicago

Sometimes if I am taking about a specific subject matter like parking, or the Rental management companies using the word vintage I would use:

  • Parking
  • Rental and/or Rent
  • Apartment
  • Vintage

But just recently I found that WordPress.com already has general categories created already, so that it can reduce the amount of work that you and other bloggers do when creating blogs. These are some I have found that will link up or be assigned to past, present and future blogs on here:

  • personal musings
  • humor
  • place
  • current events

I figure I will post these up here along with where I found the different categories for all of you, that like me was in the dark about these premade categories. I did not know that and maybe other people reading are like “duh” but there maybe a few of my readers who are writing and assigning categories while still in the dark (about this information). I know when writing every little bit of help or information helps so here in the link for the categories below, good luck and keep writing!


Note: these are Categories for Word Press.com which I have a blog for Oak Park, IL already but I believe you can use these tags for any blog platform like blogger.com and so on. Hopefully, this helps in the future for writing your blogs, are there any other general categories of tags that may have increased your blog traffic?

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