Oak Park, IL web pages

I wanted to post a couple of these blog posts as web pages but decided against it because I am not sure if people would find them as easy as they have found my blog. The main purpose of the blog and web pages is to put out there what everyone is thinking, by commenting on these various issues in Oak Park, IL here and on other sites to hopefully create a “web” of collective thoughts that all deal with the problems in Oak Park, IL.

Basically, it is a wake-up call for the masses (sorry if I sound preachy) in Oak Park, IL and the surrounding Chicagoland area that these are real issues even though we “complain” in a sarcastic manner or deal with them for the time being. The internet is a great to vent those emotions, issues and concerns we all have in an easy and fairly quick format while getting verification that we are not the only ones that feel a certain about the dealing that are happening in Oak Park, IL

Here are those other web pages that are connected to the site:






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