Oak Park, Il blog on yelp.com

Just a side note that I am actually on Yelp.com as well. NO, I am not ranting and raving on there as I do here, well, yeah I kind of do, but a lot of it is positive! Actually, I do have (some negative) positive things to say about the local businesses in the area that actually hidden gems and it’s a shame that Oak Park, Il does not do more to support or advertise them!

For example, I notice that Oak Park, IL does a lot of Ernest Hemingway-themed celebrations maybe doing something with the businesses in the area like running special promotions with the events could help bring more dollars to the area. A promotion could be $5 off the bill at a local restaurant after a Hemingway museum visit, or Wright House tour, just something that ties it all together, but the lack of such support is the way of Oak Park. IL.

Please note: I usually grade these businesses from an Organizational development standpoint than a foodie standpoint, and I do recommend some of the dishes or items I have tried on their respective menus in my posts on yelp. Hopefully, those who got it together, as you will see by my posts, will be helped by the positive reviews and gain some new customers.

My name on yelp.com is Tiffani P. -see you out there!


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