The Ernest Hemingway museum from an O/D Perspective

You know this is a blog post which had main of the same thoughts when I went the Hemingway museum. Very interesting how this blogger (one of the ppl I follow!) put a cool spin on it.

The Imperfect Organization

Recently I visited the Ernest Hemingway museum in Oak Park, IL and although it was pretty okay as far as museums go, as a student of Organization Development (OD) immediately I saw areas of improvement. Not only from a customer standpoint that would make the museums more fun and exciting but also from an OD standpoint in where there were points which could maximize profitability.

  • The Hemingway museum could be more interactive with its exhibits instead of a documentary on Hemingway playing on loop; maybe interactive touchscreens that you guess the works of Hemingway or other fun facts.
  • The Hemingway museum is poorly laid out with a movie viewing set-up (for the documentary) in the back area with tons of hard wooden chairs instead of being upstairs in the auditorium

Not enough was done to the exterior of the museum, the sterile gray look is not inviting and uninspiring. If…

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