Ernest Hemingway Celebration in Oak park, IL

Hemingway celebration on its way here in Oak Park, Il announced let’s screw citation and put the link from the Chicago Tribune here:

Here is where Oak Park, Il is going to celebrate a famous author who described the people of Oak Park, IL in a negative manner, basically saying they are narrow-minded, publicly. It is like any of my exes stating that I am the most fantastic person in the world ha! I mean Hemingway did some speaking engagements here in Oak Park, IL possibly giving back, to enlighten the young minds and make in ways to destroy the ignorance and arrogance here in Oak Park, IL.

Of course, you have to applaud the man for that, but he obviously had an opinion about the place let us not act lie it does not exist. I say that in present terminology because it is a fact that was created then, and remains a fact today. Hemingway did not, like many of our politicians today, retract that statement. It is what it is, so celebrating him is kind of weird or is it?

Hemingway is an Icon, being his birthplace Oak Park, IL is trying to cash in on that fact, much like a foundering sports organization banking on the images of former players to sell tickets, jerseys or events. Hemingway is part of the culture that Oak Park, IL cannot deny no matter how he thought about it.

When it comes to culture what else dos Oak Park, IL have besides Wilbur Wright who was not even born here! Should River Forest have parades and tours too because they have a Wright-designed house there too? Yes, he worked here and had a studio here but Oak Park, IL believes that it is their right to cash on it as well.

But really all Oak park, IL has is Hemingway in regards to homegrown culture and he did not look favorably on the village, you wonder what else is there? Who else is out there in Oak Park, IL that is ready to become the next cultural icon, so the village can profit off of? If you are thinking that you are that person and you lived in Oak Park, IL at one time, one day in the future, mostly likely after you are dead, the exploitation by Oak Park, IL will begin. I am sure about it like the sky is blue.

Mullen, Caitlin (2016) “Hemingway-themed events headed to Oak Park” July 1, 2016 Oak Leaves/Pioneer Press

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