Oak Park, IL -sticker deadline! 7/14/16

Time sensitive post! LOL Vehicle sticker deadline Park is midnight July 14 for Oak Park, IL purchase your vehicle sticker quickly! The Village of Oak Park, IL are very strict about this and the police are quick to enforce it!

Where did I read this announcement? On the Patch, the subject was covered on July 4th when many of us, were just chilling (I quickly posted something on here though) but other than that, most people are not thinking about this deadline. We are all enjoying the weather and on that date enjoying the holiday, but Kudos to the Patch for doing the village of Oak Park, IL’s job for them!

I just want to post on here in case someone is doing a search regarding Oak park, Oak Park, IL or even parking and lives in the village but forgotten all about it. Now, I have a sticker but I am still trying to get out of here LOL! I am writing this for my fellow “haters” of the parking situation here in Oak Park, IL beforehand, before the deadline! Do not hate so much that you forget to get that sticker! I hate it too but remember the 14th of July!

PS: Parking sticker deadline is July 14th for the village of Oak Park, IL Ha!

The patch working it here:

Searles, Morgan (2016) “Deadline for Oak Park Vehicle Stickers is July 14” July 4, 2016 Oak Park-River Forest Patch


Thx to the Patch!

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